How to Fix WHEA Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10/11

The Windows 10 WHEA uncorrectable error is a stop code displayed during the blue screen crash. It is usually caused by a failing hard drive, defective memory, improperly seated CPU, or other hardware issues. Follow the fast channel to WHEA uncorrectable error fixes:

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Use Windows Repair Services Locate the side panel latch or thumb screws for some models. Pull latch releasing...Full steps
Fix 2. Reset the Memory Locate the side panel latch or thumb screws for some models. Pull latch releasing...Full steps
Fix 3. Fix MBR & System File Boot from the original installation DVD (or the recovery USB)...Full steps
Fix 4. Fix BCD Error Enter Command Prompt as mentioned in Fix 2, and type the following commands...Full steps
Fix 5. Troubleshoot Driver Issue Reboot your PC, press F8, or shift + F8 to Enter Safe Mode. Click Troubleshoot...Full steps
Fix 6. Repair with Installation Disc Insert CD/DVD into DVD-ROM or connected external DVD drive...Full steps

Precautions: Recover Data When WHEA Uncorrectable Error Occurs

If you see WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR, it indicates a hardware error. You probably need to reinstall or fresh install Windows 10. In most cases, system reinstallation will cause data loss. Thus, you are advised to recover data from your computer even it fails to boot. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is my recommendation. It enables you to boot into your system with a WinPE bootable disk when you are faced with Windows 10 WHEA uncorrectable error.

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  • Recover deleted files, formatted/inaccessible data in different data loss situations.
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Rescue your essential files with the step-by-step guide now:

Step 1. Create a bootable disk

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, choose "Crashed PC" and click "Go to Recover".

choose crashed pc recovery

Select an empty USB to create the bootable drive and click "Create".

⚠️Warning: When you create a bootable disk, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will erase all data saved in the USB drive. Back up important data beforehand. 

create bootable USB

Step 2. Boot your computer from the bootable USB

Connect the bootable disk to the PC that won't boot and change your computer boot sequence in BIOS. For most users, it works well when they restart their computer and press F2 simultaneously to enter BIOS.

Set to boot the PC from "Removable Devices" (bootable USB disk) beyond Hard Drive. Press "F10" to save and exit.

restart from bootable USB

Step 3. Recover data from a crashed system/PC

After booting from EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard bootable disk, select the drive you want to scan to find all your lost files. Preview and recover the files you need to a safe location.

💡Tip: You can restore data on the local disks, external hard drives, and also the cloud storage.

recover lost files

What Is WHEA Uncorrectable Error in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

WHEA uncorrectable error usually happens when your PC has shut down suddenly to protect itself from data loss. It attacks not only Windows 10 but also Windows 8 machines. The following picture shows you the typical symptom of this error.

Blue screen of death with whea uncorrectable error

When WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR occurs and said 'Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart', it suggests an overclocked CPU, driver conflicts, hardware issues, or corrupted system files. And sometimes the problem is so terrible that you will not be able to access your PC. While encountering such a situation, what will you want to do first, to recover data from the PC that cannot boot or to get the issue fixed? No matter which option you choose, you can get help with this article. 

What Are the Causes of the WHEA Uncorrectable Error

What causes the WHEA uncorrectable error? The WHEA uncorrectable error is one type of BOSD error. This error is usually caused by five reasons: 

  • BCD error
  • MBR or system file error
  • Driver issue of hardware
  • Faulty hard drive, or Processor
  • Low CPU voltage or overheating hard drive/CPU 

Now that you have known the reasons why the WHEA uncorrectable error occurs in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, you can follow these effective solutions to fix and recover data from WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR.

Fix 1. Solve WHEA Uncorrectable Error with Windows Repair Services

The most efficient way to solve WHEA uncorrectable error is using manual Windows repair services. EaseUS data recovery services can help you solve any system startup errors, including system failure, system blue screen, system black screen, and so on.

Consult with EaseUS data recovery experts for one-on-one manual recovery service. We could offer the following services after FREE diagnosis:

  • Fix Windows boot issues, including BSOD
  • Fix Windows error and configure Windows environment
  • Restore the system when it fails to boot
  • Optimize Windows computer to make it run quickly

If want to try to fix the issue by yourself, take the following methods. 

Fix 2. Reset and Install Memory/RAM (Manual Fix) 

Reseating the memory is the process of removing the memory module from their DIMM slots and correctly placing them back into place. This is usually the first step of diagnosing and potentially solving a number of common problems like green screen, blue screen, an abnormal amount of time booting, and more. Follow the steps to reseat and install Memory.

Step 1. Locate the side panel latch or thumb screws for some models

Step 2. Pull latch releasing the side panel, remove the side panel, and set aside.

Step 3. Locate Memory. Gently release the clips that hold the RAM in place (one on each side) do this for all available memory modules.

Step 4. Carefully replace each memory module into the DIMM slots located on the motherboard.

Step 5. Press firmly on each side of the memory module until the retaining clips click back into place.

Also Read: How to Fix Windows 10 Green Screen of Death?

Once the memory is securely placed back into the DIMM slots, you can now power on the pc to test and see if reseating the RAM has resolved the problem. If the PC boots with no issues, you have successfully fixed the problem.

You can learn these things in this video before you try Fix 2, Fix 3, or Fix 4:

  • Fix MBR and system file
  • Fix BCD error
  • Fix driver issue

Fix 3. Fix MBR and System File Error

If Fix 1 fails, you can repair MBR or system file to fix the WHEA_uncorrectable_error. Since you cannot boot your system, you need to start the computer with the Windows 11/10/8/7 installation DVD. If you don't have one at hand, you need to create one with Windows Media Creation Tool. Then, follow the steps to fix the MBR in Windows 10 with CMD.

Step 1. Boot from the original installation DVD (or the recovery USB)

boot from thr installation disc

Step 2. At the Welcome screen, click "Repair your computer" on the lower-left corner.

Step 3. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt 

select command prompt

Step 4. When the Command Prompt loads, type the following commands and press Enter after each:

  • Bootrec.exe/fixmbr
  • Bootrec.exe/fixboot
  • Bootrec.exe/rebuildbcd

fix mbr using cmd

Step 5. When it completes, exit the Command Prompt window, eject the DVD, and restart the computer.

Fix 4. Fix BCD Error

You can also fix the BCD error to solve your WHEA uncorrectable error. Enter Command Prompt as mentioned in Fix 2, and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Type each command line and hit Enter each time:

  • ren BCD BCD.old
  • bcdboot C:\Windows /1 en-us /s G: /f ALL

Note: c:\ is the drive where Windows 11/10/8.1/8 is installed on.

Step 2. Type exit in Command Prompt when the process completes and then restart your PC.

repair bcd to solve your whea error

Fix 5. Troubleshoot Driver Issue

Corrupt, damaged, or outdated device drivers can also lead to various blue screen errors. And WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR is no exception. Thus, you can check your drivers to solve this problem.

Step 1. Reboot your PC, press F8, or shift + F8 to Enter Safe Mode. Ask your manufacturer for the exact key if neither works. 

Step 2. Click "Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart".

Step 3. In Safe Mode, press Windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc, and press the Enter button to open Device Manager. 

Step 4. If there's any yellow or red sign on any device, update it. After that, restart and see if WHEA uncorrectable error still exists.

fix driver issue to fix whea error

Fix 6. Repair the Error with Installation Disc

If your computer still fails to boot when you receive the error, you should create a Windows 11/10/8/7 repair disc and repair your system error. To create a repair disc, you need a healthy and bootable PC.

Step 1. Insert CD/DVD into DVD-ROM or connected external DVD drive.

Step 2. Click "Control Panel" on the computer screen, then click "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)".

Step 3. Click "Create a system repair disc" from the left column to open the repair disc creation window. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a system repair disc.

repair whea with repair disc

Step 4. Connect the disc to the PC with WHEA_uncorrectable_error and restart to boot from the DVD. You may have to change the boot settings in your BIOS if booting from a CD/DVD is not enabled. 

Step 5. On the "Install Windows" screen, make the appropriate selections for language, time, and keyboard, and then click "Next".

Step 6. On the next screen, click "Repair Your Computer". Do not click "Install now". Then, click "Next", and select "Startup Repair" or whichever option you wish to apply.

select repair your computer

After the steps, you can boot to your computer as usual. Then, check if you have solved the WHEA error. If the error still exists, you can restore the system with the repair disc. As I have mentioned in Step 6, you have many options. If you still have the error, select "System Restore" and follow the on-screen steps.

System Restore: Restore the Windows system to an earlier point in time. Choose this option if Windows 11/10/8/7 starts, but something has changed since a recent installation or update. You'll pick a restore point based on the date and time (start with the most recent). You may lose recent program changes, but not your data. 


It is frustrating if any one of us encounters the WHEA uncorrectable error or other blue screen or green screen error. The fixes above can fix your WHEA error, but remember, carefully recover lost files due to BSOD and fix WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR. If you still have problems, contact us as soon as possible.

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