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Restore Missing Fonts After Windows 10 Creator Update

Are the installed fonts missing after Windows 10 Creator update on your computer? Relax! In this article, we’ll show you how to restore missing fonts in Windows 10 Creator with quick fix and reliable solutions. Follow to restore the installed missing fonts now.

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Table of Contents

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Restart Windows PC Reboot PC and check out whether the fonts will show up or not...Full steps
Fix 2. Rebuild the font cache Disable the font cache on the Services panel > rebuild Windows font cache...Full steps
Fix 3. Reinstall current fonts Go to C:/Windows/Fonts > preview the not working font > reinstall the font...Full steps
Fix 4. Reinstall missing fonts Download fonts installation files > apply and confirm the installation...Full steps

Installed Fonts Are Missing After Windows 10 Creator update

"Do you know how to restore the missing fonts after the Windows system update? I couldn't find installed fonts nor use them after updating Windows 10 to Creator.

I can neither edit documents nor writing files with desired fonts. I tried to search on my PC, nothing was found. What can I do to get lost fonts back?"

Fonts are missing in Windows 10 Creator.

When you couldn't find or edit files like documents with wanted fonts in Word or Excel on Windows PC, do you know where to find the missing fonts?

It's a common problem that fonts disappeared after upgrading the Windows system to a new version. So how to fix this problem? Quick fixes and solutions are available here to help.

Follow to restore the missing fonts after Windows 10 Creator update immediately.  

Quick Fix: Restart Windows PC

When you find that fonts are missing Windows PC, try to reboot the PC and check out whether the fonts will show up or not.

If fonts show up on PC after reboot Windows 10 Creator or Windows system, you can use them to edit documents again.

If no fonts show up, try the provided solutions in the following passages and get rid of this issue on your PC immediately.

Solution 1. Disable or Rebuild Font Cache

Usually, when the installed fonts stop working or missing, all the fond icons are available for you to view and check in the Font settings. You can't identify which font is missing and which one is still working. 

So how to resolve this issue? Sometimes, disabling or rebuilding the font cache can help to resolve this issue, making fonts work again on your PC. 

# 1. Disable the Font Cache

Step 1: Right-click on the Windows icon and select Search. 

  • Type services.msc and click "OK".
  • Open Windows service panel.

Step 2: On the Services panel, roll down to locate Windows Font Cache Service.

  • Locate Windows Font Cache.

Step 3: Right-click on the Windows Cache Services and select "Properties".

  • On the General tab, change the Startup type from "Automatic" to "Disabled".  Click "OK" to confirm.
  • Disable Windows Font Cache.

After this, restart your PC to see if the missing fonts can work again. If not, try to rebuild the Font Cache.

# 2. Rebuild Windows Font Cache

Step 1: Create a new Notepad document and copy the following content to the file:

@echo off
:: Stop and disable "Windows Font Cache Service" service
sc stop "FontCache"
sc config "FontCache" start=disabled
sc query FontCache | findstr /I /C:"STOPPED"
if not %errorlevel%==0 (goto FontCache)
:: Grant access rights to current user for "%WinDir%\ServiceProfiles\LocalService" folder and contents
icacls "%WinDir%\ServiceProfiles\LocalService" /grant "%UserName%":F /C /T /Q
:: Delete font cache
del /A /F /Q "%WinDir%\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\FontCache\*FontCache*"
del /A /F /Q "%WinDir%\System32\FNTCACHE.DAT"
:: Enable and start "Windows Font Cache Service" service
sc config "FontCache" start=auto
sc start "FontCache"

Step 2: Click on "File" and click "Save AS".

  • Create Windows FontCache bat file.

Step 3: Name the file as Rebuild_FontCache.bat and set the type as "All Files". 

  • Navigate to Desktop and click "Save".
  • Save Windows FontCache.bat file to Desktop.

Step 4: Double-click on Rebuild-FontCache.bat to run it.

  • Reboot the computer once the process is done so to save all changes.
  • Rebuilt Windows Font Cache.

Solution 2. Manually Reinstall Fonts On Windows 10 Creator

The other solution is to reinstall Windows Fonts on Windows 10 Creator. It's a safe-an-sound process to execute the operation with the below process:

Method 1 - Reinstall Current Fonts

Step 1: Go to C:/Windows/Fonts on Windows PC.

  • Locate Windows Fonts on PC.

Step 2: Check the font that is not working, right-click on it and select "Preview".

  • Check and preview missing Windows fonts.

Step 3: Click "Install" on the top right corner, the font will be manually reinstalled.

  • Reinstall missing Windows fonts.

Method 2 - Download or Copy to Reinstall Missing Fonts

If the font icons are missing, you can also download or copy them from another PC. After copying or downloading the fond, continue with the below steps:

Step 1: Copy or download fonts installation files to C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

Step 2: Double click the fonts installation files to apply the installation.

Step 3: If fonts already exist, replace them and confirm to install.

After this, reboot the PC to let Windows keep all changes, and then you'll be able to use fonts in Windows 10 Creator PC again.

Bonus Tip: Restore Lost Fonts Installation File and Data

If you lost or deleted the Windows Fonts installation file with other valuable data like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. on Windows PC, don't worry.

ProfessionalEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help. It will assist you in restoring up to 2GB of files for free. For restoring single files that are lost due to deletion, formatting, and even virus infection, system crash, this tool is qualified to help.

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You can download it and follow the steps below to restore your deleted files like images, documents, videos, even emails, including the Windows Fonts installation file immediately:

Step 1. Select a location and start scanning

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and choose the partition where you lost data. Then, click "Scan".

select a location to scan

Step 2. Filter and preview files

Use the file format filter on the left or upper right corner to find the files you need. Then, you can click the "Preview" button or double-click a file to preview its content.

Choose files to recover

Step 3. Recover lost data or files

Click the checkbox next to the file and click "Recover" to restore the lost data to a secure place.

Recover lost data

After restoring the lost or deleted Windows Fonts installation file, you can go back to Method 2 to reinstall the missing fonts.

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