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Copy OS to SSD | Clone HDD to Smaller SSD

Updated on Jan 10, 2019 by Abby Haines to Partition Manager

Tried and true solution to migrate Windows 10/8.1/8/7 to SSD can be found if you keep reading. EaseUS partition tool enables you to copy OS to SSD instead of clone the entire HDD to save your disk space.

Can I copy OS from HDD to SSD

I am currently trying to replace my 1 TB Western Digital Blue SATA HDD with a 128GB SSD for better performance. As you can see, the SSD will be lack of sufficient storage space if I clone the whole HDD. So I figured that I could only copy OS (both the system and boot partition) to SSD and keep everything else on the HDD. I have looked on the Internet for a solution for a long time but I couldn't seem to find a reliable one. Can you help?

Why you need copy OS to SSD

Usually, transfer OS from HDD to SSD can be a slow and painful process. It might cause an issue and cost you an entire day even a weekend or longer to reinstall all your applications and settings. EaseUS partition tool is a professional software allows you to safely transfer all data on system and boot partition from HDD to SSD with its "Migrate OS to SSD/HDD" feature. It is easy-to-use and making system transfers easy and safe.

It is possible to clone a larger disk to a smaller one, provided that the smaller hard disk has enough capacity to fit the contents of the system and boot partition of the larger disk. If C drive is larger than the SSD, you can transfer some applications to other drives then migrate OS to SSD.


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 Windows 10 is supported


Step 1: Run EaseUS Partition Master, select "Migrate OS" from the top menu.

select migrate os

Step 2: Select the SSD or HDD as the destination disk. Then, a warning message tells that the data on the target disk will be erased. Click "OK" to continue.

select the destination disk

Step 3: Preview the layout. If the target disk is an SSD, tick the "Check the option if this is an SSD" option. Then Click "OK".

preview the lay out

Step 4: A pending operation of migrating OS to SSD or HDD will be added. Execute the operation and click "Apply".

apply the process

To boot from the SSD/HDD:

  • Restart PC and press F2 or F8 to enter BIOS settings.
  • In the Boot option, select new HDD/SSD as the new boot drive and save all the changes.
  • Exit BIOS and restart the computer, you should be able to see Windows 10 running on your new disk without any problems.
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 Windows 10 is supported