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How to Move Partition in Windows 10?

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 by Brithny to Partition Master

How to move partition in Windows 10? EaseUS software makes it possible for you to effortlessly move partition in Windows 10 with the help of professional partition software - EaseUS Partition Master.

Why need move partition in Windows 10?

Hi guys, do you know how to move partition Windows 10? Why? According to some computer users’ feedback, sometimes it can be really annoying when we have no way to move partition in Windows 10. But why we need move partition? 

To make full use of computer space while managing partitions. When your computer partitions go out of space, the computer running speed will slow down and the system will warn you with “low disk space” notice. To solve such a problem, the basic solution is to extend partition or increase partition space. Other partition management tasks including merge, combine or increase partition size all need enough unallocated space. When there is not enough unallocated space right behind the to-be-managed partition, to move partition which is not allocated yet is exactly what you should do.

How to Move Partition in Windows 10?

Then how to easily move partition in Windows 10? I want to move my partition E which is empty now behind partition D so as to enlarge D drive which is running out of space now. So how can I complete this job?

Facing such a problem, some users may try to delete partition directly instead of moving partition on the computer for that disk management tool does not support to move partition for resizing or reallocating partition. Any other recommended solutions? Sure! A professional partition tool can help. This tool is offered by the EaseUS software, named EaseUS Partition Master, aiming to produce professional solutions for managing partitions under different Windows OS including Windows 10.

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 Windows 10 is supported

Steps to move partition in Windows 10:

1. Download EaseUS Partition Master and launch it on your computer.

2.Select the partition and click "Resize/Move partition" at the interface. Adjust the partition size by dragging the mouse pinpoint.
Or you can directly select partition which needs to be moved, drags the mouse pinpoint to move the partition.

3.Choose "Apply".

See? To move partition in Windows 10 is so easy. You can also apply EaseUS Partition Master to help you solve other more partition problems. And if you wanna try a free version, EaseUS Partition Master Free will offer you free partition tool to manage Windows partition with ease.