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Can't Extend C Drive in Windows 11? Here Is Why and How-to Fix

Suppose you're facing an error trying to extend your full-storage C drive. In that case, this article will help you explore a few dependable and guaranteed ways to increase storage.

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Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
#1. Shrink or Delete a Neighbor Volume to Extend C Drive Since we don't have anyone on our hard drive, we'll be taking some from the Neighbor partition. We can delete or shrink...Full steps
#2. Extend C Drive with Non-adjacent Unallocated Space  Step 1: Free up unallocated space for C drive; Step 2: Increase C drive space; Step 3: Keep all changes to extend...Full steps
#3. Allocate Space from Other Drive to C Drive  Step 1. Right-click on the D: partition with enough free space and select "Allocate Space"; Step 2. Select the target...Full steps
#4. Extend C with Space in a Second Disk  Step 1. Right-click partition C, select Advanced and click Extend with 2nd Disk…; Step 2. After the software analyzes...Full steps

Looking to extend your C Drive storage? Follow along and find out how. 

Finding yourself low on C Drive space is nothing uncommon. After an extended period of the same Windows installation, you might find your main partition bloated with many things. This could mean programs, games, hidden files, etc.

c drive storage

That's when many people start facing problems, such as slowed-down performance, constant low-storage errors, etc. So, they turn to extend their main partition but can't extend c drive Windows 11. So, are you someone who's facing the same issue?

Then, let's find out how you can extend C drive in Windows 11 without losing any data, time, or computer performance.

Why Can't I Extend C Drive in Windows 11? 

If you're facing problems unable to extend the C drive in disk management, there could be a few reasons behind that. The most common reason for this is having no additional or unallocated space left in your physical drive. So, how do you go about checking that? Here's how:

Step 1. Click on Start Menu.

Step 2. Type Disk Management and press Enter.

c drive disk management

Step 3. Find the physical drive with your primary partition; in this case, it's Disk 0.

Step 4. Navigate and find the disk type, state, and storage. There's no unallocated space left in this OS drive. 

We have no space to work within this case, as we can see here. Therefore, we cannot extend this C partition using the normal methods. If we tried, we'd get the error of having no storage left to extend the partition. So, let's keep digging to find the solution.

You can learn how to check total hard disk space in windows 10 in this article. 

Can't Extend C Drive Windows 11 - Is There a Workaround? Yes 

Now that we've found out a few causes behind the inability to extend C Drive, try to find a workaround. But is there even a way to work around it? Yes, there is. We can head back to disk management using the same method.

Once we do, we can do a few things such as:

  1. 1. Using disk management to delete or shrink the volume. This is a common way requiring you to use the Disk Management program to execute. 
  2. 2. Extend C Drive with non-adjacent unallocated space.
  3. 3. Allocate space from another partition to our C Drive.
  4. 4. Extend C drive with space from another physical drive.

The only problem with method 2, method 3, and method 4 is that you'll need a third-party tool. This isn't exactly a problem since you can easily do it with the help of EaseUS Partition Master.

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Why is that? Because the first step is the only one you can execute with the help of Disk Management, as mentioned before. For all the other steps, you're going to need EaseUS Partition Master. So, let's see how you can do that.

#1. Shrink or Delete a Neighbor Volume to Extend C Drive

To make space on a physical drive, it must feature unallocated space. Since we don't have anyone on our hard drive, we'll be taking some from the Neighbor partition.

We can delete or shrink or delete this Neighbor partition to extend our C Drive.

delete volume to extend c drive

Once the space is unallocated, we'll use that to add to our C Drive.

#2. Extend C Drive with Non-adjacent Unallocated Space 

The first step required here is downloading EaseUS Partition Master. Remember, there's no way to add non-adjacent unallocated space to your system partition without the help of a third-party tool. So, once you download & install the tool, you will have to use it.

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Step 1: Free up unallocated space for C drive.

If there is no unallocated space on the system disk, go to Partition Manager and right-click on a partition next to the C: drive and select "Resize/Move".
Drag left panel of the partition to shrink and leave unallocated space behind the system C: drive and click "OK".

Step 2: Increase C drive space.

1. Right-click on C: drive and select "Resize/Move".

Extend System partition

2. Drag the system partition end into unallocated space so to add space to C: drive and click "OK".

Add space to C drive

Step 3: Keep all changes to extend C: drive.

Click the "Execute Task" and click "Apply" to keep all changes so to extend the system C: drive.

Confirm to extend system C drive

As seen here, the tool puts all of our physical drives at our disposal, and from them, we can pick the ones we wish to use as our non-adjacent unallocated space to extend the C Drive.

#3. Allocate Space from Other Drive to C Drive 

One of the common problems behind not extending a C drive partition is the lack of available space. If all of the space is taken on your primary drive, then you can take storage from another physical drive. However, you'll need EaseUS Partition master for its Allocate Space feature for this step.

Step 1. Right-click on the D: partition with enough free space and select "Allocate Space".

Select partition to allocate space

Step 2. Select the target partition - C: drive and drag the partition panel rightward to add the free space from D: drive to C: drive. Then click "OK" to confirm.

Allocate space to extend partition

Step 3. Click the "Execute Task" button and click "Apply" to start the process of moving free space from D: drive to C: drive.

finish extending partition

You can allocate however many gigabytes that you wish to from one partition to another—in this case, from G to C. Therefore. You will need EaseUS Partition Master for this convenient extension of your C Drive.

#4. Extend C with Space in a Second Disk 

Extending it could be impossible if your computer only has one physical drive/partition unless you have another physical drive that you could use. You might be wondering, is it even possible to extend a primary partition on one Disk from a second disk?

Yes, it is. You'll need EaseUS Partition Master with its option to extend C with the 2nd Disk.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, navigate to "Partition Manager," right click the C drive, and select "Data Migration."

data migration 1

Step 2. Select the data you want to migrate and click "Next" to continue.

data migration 2

Step 3. Select a target partition to migrate and click "Start" to execute the task.

data migration 3

Step 4. After the migration, the available space on the C drive will be increased.

data migration 4

This feature is only available in EaseUS Partition Master. So, once again, you'll need to download and install it.

Conclusion: You Need The Right Tool & Methods 

The "Can't Extend C Drive In Windows 11" error is fixable; ensure you have the correct methods. That's why you can either use the Disk Management tool within the windows. Or, you can install EaseUS Partition Master. It is also the best data wipe software.

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We'll recommend the latter because it covers up all the ends and ensures a smooth partition extension for a beginner. 

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