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Are you getting a Windows 11 boot loop? Then, don't panic. Just check out this EaseUS troubleshoot guide to fix the error now and securely use your Windows 11 PC.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

Are you running Windows 11? There's a chance that you might face infinite boot loop error. 

If your PC keeps on restarting countless times and fails to get into the login screen, you definitely have a problem.

This boot loop error isn't much seen in the older Windows versions. But in Windows 11 and Windows 10, it has been seen a lot. 

Windows 11 boot loop error is mainly caused due to faulty registry files that can prevent PCs from starting normally. This creates infinite Windows startup boots and keeps on restarting your PC. 

This isn't a sudden problem. You will notice some abnormalities in your Windows 11 system before your computer gets stuck in loops, such as: 

  • Your PC might run slower than usual 
  • Some functions aren't working on your PC like audio, video, and others
  • The system displays a black screen with a "Preparing automatic repair" or "Diagnosing your PC" error message
  • Blue screen error messages like "Your PC did not start correctly" or "Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC
  • Your programs stop midway, etc. 

Now, no need to worry. This post will share all the troubleshoots to fix the Windows 11 boot loop error swiftly. All you have to do is follow this guide to the dot. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Windows 11 Boot Loop Quick Fixes  1. Unplug external drives and restart Windows 11...Full steps
Method 1. Run Windows Automatic Repair   Step 1. Open a command prompt at boot...Full steps
Method 2. Repair Boot Drive from Command Prompt  Step 1. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt...Full steps
Method 3. Clean Windows SoftwareDistribution Folder Step 1. Go to the Start Menu > Run as administrator...Full steps

What Cause Windows 11 Boot Loop 

You already know that the Windows registry files are the main culprit behind the Windows 11 boot loop issue. Now, let's see which registry files are exactly the problem here: 

  • Unauthorized Windows 11 ISO Files: If you haven't installed the authorized Windows 11 ISO files on your computer, it can create many system problems. Thus, always download Windows 11 ISO files only from Microsoft's official website.
  • Incomplete Windows Update: When your Windows 11 update gets interrupted in some way, like poor internet connectivity, it can lead to a boot loop problem. The best option here is to stop automatic Windows updates on your computer. This way, you can start updating when your PC is connected to a stable internet connection. 
  • Incompatible Device Drivers: The forceful installation of incompatible drivers can cause the Windows 11 boot loop error. To avoid this problem, always install the compatible drivers after checking the Microsoft Windows 11 compatible drivers list online. 
  • Installation of Faulty Applications: Some games and applications can overwhelm your system and trigger infinite boot loop errors. If your system won't boot up after the installation of certain applications or games, it is advisable to remove such a program. 

Next, we will provide several solutions to get rid of Windows 11 boot loop. If other people meet the same situation, you can share this article to help them.


How Do I Get Rid of Windows 11 Boot Loop? Troubleshoot The Error Now 

Now, let's get to the main topic: how to fix the Windows boot loop? Well, sometimes, the boot loop error occurs because of small things like faulty apps or incompatible drivers. In that case, you can run a few quick fixes to resolve the issue, such as: 

Windows 11 Boot Loop Quick Fixes 

1. Unplug external drives and restart Windows 11

Sometimes the external drives attached to your computer are the culprits. The external drives might contain viruses or some corrupted files that are impacting your Windows registry. So, the quickest fix is to unplug all the external drives attached to your computer and then restart your Windows 11 to see how it boots now. 

2. Run antivirus scan

As we have already discussed, viruses and malware can corrupt your Windows registry files and cause several system errors, including the infinite boot loop. So, simply run an antivirus scan on your computer and get rid of all the system vulnerabilities. 

If you meet the boot loop error on Windows 10, you can click the link to check the step-by-step guide:

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3. Check and enable Secure Boot Mode

Secure Boot Mode is a built-in security feature in Windows 11 that provides a secure environment to start your system. Once check if the Secure Boot Mode is enabled on your system to securely boot your PC. 

Steps to Check and Enable Secure Boot Mode

Step 1. Open Start Menu > System Information > System Summary > Check if the Secure Boot State option has On or Off written next to it.

check boot state

Step 2. If Secure Boot Mode is disabled on your computer, you can turn it on by clicking on Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Restart now button under the Advanced startup section. 

enable secure boot mode

Step 3. Then, go to the Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings (this option won't be available on legacy BIOS) > Restart button. 

restart pc

Step 4. Open the security settings page. 

Step 5. Choose the Secure Boot option, press Enter. Then, select the Enabled option. 

Step 6. Exit the UEFI settings and restart your computer. 

If these quick solutions haven't worked for you, don't stress. You can try some of the advanced options to fix the Windows 11 boot loop error.

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7 Fixes for Windows 11 Stuck on Boot Screen

Here, we have handpicked our most effective ways to help you resolve the issue of Windows 11 being stuck on a boot screen. Before you use any of these, ensure you have a constant power connection.

repair boot error

Method 1. Run Windows Automatic Repair 

Automatic repair is a built-in Windows recovery tool that can diagnose and troubleshoot common Windows 11 boot errors. This feature is automatically triggered when a system fails to boot in two consecutive attempts. 

The tool runs several diagnostic tests to detect and self-repair booting problems. If the Automatic Repair tool is disabled on your computer, you can enable it to fix Windows 11 boot loop errors for you. To enable Windows Automatic Repair, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Open a command prompt at boot. 

Step 2. Enter the bcdedit in the command prompt and press Enter. 

Step 3. Enter the following command to enable the Windows Automatic Repair:

bcdedit /set {identifier} recoveryenabled Yes

run windows automatic repair

Step 4. Close the command prompt and start your Windows 11 to automatically repair the boot loop error. 

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Method 2. Repair Boot Drive from Command Prompt 

If your boot repair isn't working properly, the Windows 11 boot loop error can also be created. To fix the boot drive, you can use this Command Prompt:

Step 1. Go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt. 

Step 2. Type bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd and hit Enter. 

Step 3. Type bootrec.exe /fixmbr and hit Enter. 

Step 4. Type bootrec.exe /fixboot and hit Enter.

repair boot drive from command prompt

Step 5. Type exit and hit Enter once you have completed each command successfully. Also, restart your PC to check whether you are still stuck in Windows infinite boot loops. 

Method 3. Clean Windows SoftwareDistribution Folder and Reinstall Windows 11

The "SoftwareDistribution" folder is an important component for Windows Update. This folder temporarily stores files that you need to install new updates on your Windows 11 device. 

However, if you are facing Windows 11 boot loop error after updating an app or Windows files on your computer, it's safe to empty the SoftwareDistribution folder. Also, reinstall Windows 11 after clearing the SoftwareDistribution folder to make sure the faulty Windows OS isn't causing the problem. 

To remove content inside the SoftwareDistribution folder, follow these steps: 

Step 1. Go to the Start Menu > Run as administrator > Type net stop wuauserv > Hit Enter. 

Step 2. Type this command to stop the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and press Enter:

net stop bits

stop background intelligent transfer service

Step 3. Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run command. 

Step 4. Follow this path on the File Explorer:


Step 5. Select all the content and click on the Delete button.

delete files

Step 6. Again go to the Command Prompt and type the following command to start the Windows Update Service:

net start wuauserv

Step 7. Now, use this command to start the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and press Enter:

net start bits

enable background intelligent transfer service

Step 8. You can now go to Microsoft website and reinstall Windows 11 ISO files on your computer. 

Method 4. Turn to EaseUS Windows 11 Update Support Service

If all these Command Prompt-based solutions are making you dizzy, you can turn to EaseUS Windows 11 Update Support Service. The EaseUS technical team will provide you comprehensive solutions to fix Windows 11 boot loop and many other errors. 

Do You Need Specialized Windows 11 Update Services?
Consult with EaseUS Experts for one-on-one manual Windows 11 update support service. We could offer the following services after FREE diagnosis:
1. Repair corrupted RAID structure, unbootbale Windows OS and corrupted virtual disk file (.vmdk, .vhd, .vhdx, etc.)
2. Windows 11 update stuck or failure.
3. Windows 11 update boot loop, or disk management issues.

Bonus Tips to Manage and Optimize Windows 11 Disk

To avoid Windows 11 boot loop error or any other system errors, effectively manage and optimize your disk using the following tips: 

Manage Hard Drives, Optimize SSD Performance

You can use EaseUS Partition Master to manage disk space and all your partitions. The software will merge, resize, edit, format, delete and wipe data from your hard disk permanently to protect your system. 

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[1] "Resize/Move" enables you to adjust space of a selected disk partition as wish. Right-lick "Resize/Move", you can shrink a volume, extend the other one, or create unallocated space for special use.


[2] "Clone" aims to make two identical hard disks or partitions with the same layout and content. You can use the "Clone" feature to upgrade a hard disk, replace a failing one, backup the drive data and so on.


[3] "Delete" is a common method to remove an unwanted disk partition, turning it into unallocated space.

delete partition

[4] "Format" is frequently used in many situations. By formatting a drive partition, you can alter the file system, fix some corruption issues, and sometimes remove viruses and malware.

delete partition

[5] "Allocate space" is very useful when one drive partition space is too much while the other is inadequate. 

allocate space

[6] "Migrate OS" makes it easy to transfer a Windows installation drive to the other without reinstalling.

Migrate OS

[7] Conversion between GPT and MBR, NTFS and FAT32, and Basic to Dynamic is getting more and more popular among EaseUS Partition Master customers. Besides all the listed benefits, there are so many functional yet practical features are waiting you to explore. 

convert disk

Backup Windows 11 OS

You should back up your Windows 11 OS and other data for the safe side. To back up Windows files, folders, apps, and system settings, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup for help. 

Step 1. On the main page, click "Select backup contents".

create system backup step1

Step 2. Among the four available categories, click OS.

create system backup step2

Step 3. EaseUS Todo Backup will automatically select your system partition, you only need to select the backup destination.

create system backup step3

Step 4. Both Local Drive and NAS are available for you to save the backup file.

create system backup step5

Step 5. After finishing the backup process, you can check the backup status, recover, open, or delete the backup by right-clicking the backup task on the left.

create system backup step5

Scan your System 

Use the robust antivirus and antimalware program to scan your system for vulnerabilities and abnormalities constantly. 

If you meet other problems when you fix your computer, such as Windows 11/10 stuck on Diagnosing your PC, click the link below to view more information:

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Parting Remarks 

There you go, people! You have learned all the awesome ways to fix the Windows 11 boot loop problem. 

So, now don't panic whenever your system is stuck in the infinite boot loops. Here you can go and adjust your registry files, unplug external drives, use Safe Mode or scan your system with antivirus software. 

And if nothing works, give a call to the EaseUS team, and we will help you fix all the Windows 11 installation problems for you. 

Further, you can use EaseUS family tools like Partition Master, Todo Backup, and other tools to optimize your Windows 11 environment better. 

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