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How to Fix ASUS Stuck on Logo | 7 Efficien Solutions💡

Troubleshoot and resolve the ASUS stuck on logo issue quickly and easily. Here are the best solutions to get your laptop or desktop running smoothly again without any errors.

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Updated on Apr 26, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Troubleshoot ASUS stuck on logo screen issue with practical methods and advanced tools.
  • Resolve ASUS won't boot to Windows by removing external devices, updating BIOS, and utilizing the effective EaseUS Partition Master tool.
  • For a healthy computing experience, identify and address the root issues.

Is your ASUS laptop caught in a never-ending loop, endlessly displaying the ASUS logo screen? Have you been left stuck and upset because your Asus won't boot to Windows? You are not alone! Several ASUS users encounter this issue.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry if your Asus desktop or laptop is stuck in the boot loop since EaseUS will help you with the best solutions to fix ASUS stuck on logo. So, what are you waiting for? Proceed to explore each one of them.

How to Fix ASUS Stuck on Logo

Many people experience a terrible situation where their ASUS laptops get stuck on the ASUS logo screen. It is a problem that not all boots experience and that appears at random. A simple reboot may fix the issue in some cases, but in others, it may remain and call for advanced solutions. So, the best fixes for the Asus stuck-on boot loop problem are listed below.

  1. Method 1. Removal of External Equipment
  2. Method 2. Run Windows Boot Repair
  3. Method 3. Update BIOS
  4. Method 4. Load BIOS Optimization Defaults
  5. Method 5. Perform a CMOS Reset
  6. Method 6. Boot the ASUS PC into Safe Mode
  7. Method 7. Reset the Computer

Next, we will give step-by-step instructions for each program. You can jump straight to the corresponding solution if you know what's causing your ASUS to get stuck. Otherwise, check them out in order to troubleshoot. If you found this article helpful in solving your problem, click the button below to share it with others in need.


Method 1. Removal of External Equipment

Removing external devices like USB drives, external hard drives, and other accessories is one of the primary stages in fixing ASUS stuck on logo screen. Unplugging these devices may remove any potential barriers to a good start because they can occasionally interfere with the boot process.

You might have to remove some internal equipment if that doesn't work. To do that, follow the steps below:

Important: The instructions below are only suited to professionals. So, if you don't know anything about computer hardware, it's advised to follow the methods below or take it to a technician. 

Step 1. Open up the case of your computer. You can find the screws on the back of your desktop or the bottom panel of your laptop.

remove the screws

Step 2. Now, disconnect all the cables and remove the GPU, CPU, and RAM. 

Note: You may just be able to remove the RAM on your laptop, as the CPU and GPU are not removable. 

Step 3. Insert them again and see if everything works. 

Method 2. Run Windows Boot Repair

Windows Boot Repair is essential for fixing ASUS stuck on logo screen difficulties since it may resolve all the boot faults, system failures, and other serious issues that obstruct standard starting.

However, EaseUS Partition Master is a potent tool developed to repair several hard disk and system boot faults, such as system failure, system blue screen, system black screen, and system stuck on logo screen. The "Boot Repair" feature of EaseUS Partition Master offers a complete answer to get your system up and operating efficiently.

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All you need to do is download EaseUS Partition Master and follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Start EaseUS Partition Master after connecting the external drive/USB to your computer, go to "Bootable Media," and click "Create bootable media."

create easeus partition master bootable disk

Step 2. Select an available USB Drive or CD/DVD and click "Create." You can also burn the Windows ISO file to the storage media.

create easeus partition master bootable disk

Step 3. Connect the created bootable drive to the new computer and reboot the computer by pressing and holding F2/Del to enter the BIOS. Then, set the WinPE bootable drive as the boot disk and press F10 to exit.

Step 4. Boot the computer again and enter the WinPE interface. Then, open EaseUS Partition Master and click "Boot Repair" under the "Toolkit" option.

open boot repair

Step 5: Select the system you want to repair and click "Repair."

click  repair

Step 6. Wait a moment, and you will receive an alert that the system has been successfully repaired. Click "OK" to complete the boot repair process.

click ok to complete the repair

EaseUS Partition Master stands out as the most efficient way to address ASUS won't boot to Windows difficulties with the help of its powerful boot repair capability and the variety of extra features for disk management and system optimization. 

Other problems that EaseUS Partition Master can fix:

Method 3. Update BIOS

Fixing issues with the ASUS logo screen may require updating the BIOS. It can offer compatibility repairs and improvements, enhancing the efficiency of your laptop and resolving boot-related problems.

Backup your critical data and update BIOS using the following steps:

Step 1. Download the latest BIOS for your ASUS laptop and copy it to a USB disk.

Step 2. Restart, then launch BIOS (often with F2 or Del).

Step 3. Choose the BIOS file from the USB.

update bios

Step 4. Now, follow the directions on-screen and update the BIOS.

Check the issue has been resolved by restarting your computer.

If you meet other problems when you fix your computer, such as Windows 11/10 stuck on Diagnosing your PC, click the link below to view more information:

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Method 4. Load BIOS Optimization Defaults

You can solve the ASUS laptop logo screen issue by loading the BIOS optimization defaults, which help restore BIOS settings to the optimal configurations.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Turn on the laptop and press the designated BIOS access key (often F2) until the BIOS screen appears.

Step 2. Go to the Save & Exit screen in BIOS.

Step 3. To load BIOS optimization defaults, choose "Restore Defaults".

asus bios default

Step 4. Make sure the proper boot option is selected.

Step 5. Exit BIOS after saving modifications.

Start your laptop again to see whether the problem has been fixed.

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Method 5. Perform a CMOS Reset

A CMOS reset can help to provide a clean slate in the BIOS settings by eliminating any potential BIOS setup conflicts or issues that could be causing issues with the ASUS laptop logo screen.

To perform a CMOS reset, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Unplug the AC adapter from your laptop and turn it off.

Step 2. Remove the CMOS battery from the computer that has detachable batteries.

cmos reset

Step 3. Press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds to force a shutdown.

Step 4. To reset the CMOS, hold the Power button for 40 seconds.

Step 5. After reinstalling the battery (if removed), connect the AC adapter and restart the computer.

Method 6. Boot the ASUS PC into Safe Mode

When the ASUS doesn't boot to Windows, booting into Safe Mode may be helpful in troubleshooting since it enables you to identify and solve problems in a controlled and simplified environment. If a third-party program or driver is causing the boot issue, Safe Mode can assist in identifying it.

Steps to fix Asus stuck in the boot loop by booting into safe mode:

Step 1. Using a Windows ISO file, make a bootable USB device.

Step 2. Boot from the USB drive and select "Repair your computer" to access Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

Step 3. You can restart WinRE by going to Troubleshoot, then choosing Advanced Settings and Startup Settings.


Step 4. Now, to activate Safe Mode (with Network or Command Prompt), press F4, F5, or F6.

Step 5. Install an antivirus software to remove malware or viruses, and delete troublesome programs in Safe Mode.

Restart your computer after troubleshooting to determine whether the problem has been fixed.

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Method 7. Reset the Computer

Resetting the machine could be the last option in the most serious situations if all other solutions have failed to fix the ASUS stuck-on logo screen issue. This means restoring the system to its default settings, which could effectively address your problem.

Here is how you can reset the computer:

Step 1. Using the Automatic Repair page or a bootable USB, gain access to Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

Step 2. Select "Reset this PC."

reset this pc

Step 3. Choose "Keep my files" or "Remove everything."

Step 4. Confirm the reset and adhere to the on-screen directions.

This post should have been helpful to you and assisted you in getting beyond the Asus logo screen to access your system. If so, share this information with your friends in case they are also dealing with this problem instead of keeping it to yourself.

The best thing is that it is not just available to ASUS users. Other laptops and desktops can be repaired if stuck on the logo screen.

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Why ASUS Stuck on Logo

Understanding the root causes of the ASUS stuck-on logo screen issue is essential before resolving it. Read below to know why you are facing an ASUS stuck-on logo issue:

  • Connection Issues. Faulty or loose hardware connections might prevent a computer from starting.
  • Setup file or BIOS issues. Corrupt setup files or incorrectly configured BIOS settings might cause your ASUS to get stuck on the logo screen.
  • Faulty Hardware Device. The laptop may become stuck on the logo screen due to hardware issues.

All the methods described in the article effectively address these causes and solve the issue. However, adopting EaseUS Partition Master can also support the upkeep of a healthy computer and guarantee daily usage of hard disk security.

To ensure a pleasant overall computing experience, you should use EaseUS Partition Master, which will help you manage partitions, repair boot issues, and optimize overall system performance.


Solving the annoying ASUS stuck on logo screen problem is not a very difficult process. And this guide offers several practical fixes to help you restart your ASUS laptop. You may fix the issue and recover access to your system by uninstalling any external devices, upgrading the BIOS, or performing a CMOS reset.

Use EaseUS Partition Master for a complete solution. Its potent boot repair function not only solves ASUS logo screen issues but also provides several cutting-edge tools for managing partitions, enhancing system efficiency, and assuring ongoing hard disk security.

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FAQs About ASUS Stuck on Logo

Have more questions regarding ASUS Stuck on Logo? Here are some FAQs for your reference.

1. Why does ASUS BIOS Utility EZ mode keep popping up?

Due to BIOS settings or hardware problems, ASUS BIOS Utility EZ mode could repeatedly occur. BIOS settings should be checked and reset, and all hardware components should be securely attached.

2. How do I fix my ASUS laptop's black screen on startup?

To address an ASUS laptop's black screen on startup, try these methods:

  • Disconnect external devices.
  • Perform a hard reset.
  • Update graphics drivers.
  • Check for hardware issues.

3. Why my ASUS laptop is not booting?

ASUS laptops may not boot for multiple reasons, including hardware difficulties, faulty BIOS settings, or software problems.

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