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Recover Deleted or Lost Data/Partition by DiskPart Clean Command

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Accidentally deleted partition or lost data by DiskPart clean command? Don’t worry. This article will provide effective methods to help you undo DiskPart clean command and guide you to simply recover lost or deleted data and partitions by DiskPart clean command in Windows 10/8/7 PC.

DiskPart clean command undo: how to recover lost data/partition from DiskPart clean command?

DiskPart clean command is used to delete or cleanup data and partitions on hard drive or storage devices in Windows system. It’s a free method which is widely used by users to thoroughly clean up data in SD card, USB drive or internal/external hard drive in Windows PC. 
However, sometimes, users may execute a wrong command in their storage devices or Windows hard drive partition, accidentally deleted data or deleted partition by mistake. When a false operation is committed, DiskPart clean command is highly required to be canceled or undo. But is it possible to undo DiskPart clean command? How?

If you are facing data loss or partition deleted issue by DiskPart clean command, relax and just follow to see how to undo DiskPart clean command in Windows 10/8/7 now.

How to recover lost data from DiskPart clean command in Windows 10/8/7

If DiskPart clean command deleted important data in your SD card, USB drive, external hard drive or hard drive partitions in Windows PC, don’t worry. Here is what you need to undo DiskPart deletion command:

First, stop using devices/hard drive (which were cleaned by DiskPart)

Stop using your storage devices or hard drive partition in Windows PC once you lost data on it by DiskPart clean command. 

Second, download DiskPart recovery software to undo data deletion

When you accidentally deleted or removed important data on storage devices or hard drive by DiskPart, don’t worry. Powerful DiskPart recovery software can help you effectively recover deleted or lost data by DiskPart clean. 
Here we’d like to recommend you try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which allows you to effectively undo DiskPart clean command within 3 simple steps and get all your lost files back. Free download this DiskPart recovery software to undo data deletion now:

If your lost data are less than 2GB, you can try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition to perform DiskPart data recovery.

Third, recover lost data from DiskPart clean command

STEP 1. Run EaseUS DiskPart Recovery Software

Select a location where you deleted data by using DiskPart command and click "Scan".

select the disk

STEP 2. Scan the DiskPart Deleted Files

As long as you click the "Scan" option, the software starts to scan your diskpart deleted files automatically. Be patient during the process.

scan the disk

STEP 3. Recover the DiskPart Deleted Files

Once the scanning process finishes, preview and recover the desired files.

recover diskpart deleted files

Tips to Find Desired Files

Lost Partition Files: Check first if it's for formatted recovery.

Extra Files: Find files that lost names or paths.

Filter: a quick way to your wanted files.

Search: e.g. file name/file extension.

When you find the desired files, click the "Recover" button to get them back.

How to restore deleted or lost partition by DiskPart clean command

Remember to stop using your Windows PC one DiskPart clean command removed or deleted your partition.

Undo DiskPart partition deletion by partition manager software

If you prefer a more straightforward way to undo DiskPart partition deletion, you may try EaseUS partition manager software.
This software allows you to simply restore lost partition with simple clicks in Windows 10/8/7 PC:

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master > Click Wizard > Partition recovery wizard > Next.
2. Select recovery mode: Automatic or Manual > Click Next.

Automatic mode will recover all deleted or lost partitions on the unallocated space on all hard disks in your PC. But it’s not always possible to recover all partitions in this mode.
Therefore, Manual mode is more recommended to restore the exactly lost partition.

3. Select the Unallocated space and click Next > Select a search method: Fast or Complete.
In order to find deleted system reserved partition, we recommend you to try Complete mode.
Then click Next.

4. Wait for the program to find your lost partitions and select the listed system reserved partition and click Proceed
If it didn’t find the lost partition for you, you may try again to continue using the Complete search method.

After this, you may check lost files in the restored partition and all lost files shall all be restored. You can continue to use them again.
If lost files were not found by this method, try recommended DiskPart recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with the steps in Method 1.