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File Copy Stuck at 5 Seconds Remaining [Fixed]

Updated on Nov 29, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Manager

'Copy file stuck at 5 seconds remaining' is an ordinary error everyone can meet when they copy files from one hard drive to another hard drive, from PC to external USB/SD card or from external hard drive to the computer. If you’ve waited for a very long time, but the file copy process still hangs on ‘ 5 seconds remaining’, relax and just find methods here to fix this error on your own now.

USB file copy stuck at 5 seconds remaining, how to fix this error?

"Hello guys, do you know how to stop the USB file copy stuck error? This morning, I tried to copy some files (about 1.5GB) including some videos and pictures from my computer to a USB flash drive. The file transferring process went very slow, and the file copying process stuck at 5 seconds remaining.

I waited for 20 minutes, but the process still hangs on the last 5 seconds. I stopped the process, deleted files in the USB drive and restarted again. Guess what? The same problem happens again. The last '5 seconds remaining' message comes out again, yet the file copying still hangs there. If anyone of you happens to have a resolution, please help me. Thanks."

5 seconds remaining of file copying.

Relax if your computer stuck at file copying with '5 seconds remaining'. Some useful tips and methods are available here for you to follow and stop ‘file copy stuck’ error with ease now.

Fixes for File Copy Stuck at '5 Seconds Remaining' 

Basic Option: Wait for the file copying process to complete

If you have time and patience, the last way that you can try is to wait for the file copying process complete. Do nothing and just wait for the system to complete the file transfer process.

The only problem is that you may have to wait for a very long time.

If you don't want to waste time, stop the current file copying process and follow two methods below to fix this error.

Fast Method: Format the destination storage device (USB/SD/hard drive) to NTFS

Sometimes, you may get stuck or receive a very slow speed while copying files if the destination disk, where you’ll copy files to, has saved many files or the file system is not NTFS.

The reason why we suggest you convert and format the disk file system to NTFS is that NTFS works more stable and compatible for file saving and data transferring than other types of file systems such as exFAT, FAT, etc.

If you have important data saved in the target storage device, backup them to a secure location before formatting it to NTFS.
If you don’t want to format USB/SD to NTFS, you can apply EaseUS Partition Master Free to convert FAT to NTFS without formatting or losing any data.
  1. 1. Connect external hard drive, USB or SD card to your PC.
  2. 2. Open Windows File Explorer, right-click on your target device where you’ll copy files to and select Format.
  3. 3. Set the file system to NTFS and click OK to confirm.

Advanced Resolution: Update disk drivers, cleanup and optimize target hard drive/USB/SD

If the computer or USB hard drive drivers are outdated, basic functions such as file copying may not be able to work properly. Useless junk files may also slow down and even hang the file transferring process on Windows hard drive or external storage devices. An advanced resolution that you can try is to update disk drive and clean up disk with EaseUS Partition Master Free. This can fix the file copy stuck issue is to update disk drivers, cleanup and optimize your destination disk.

1. Update disk drivers:
1. Connect your external storage device (which you need copy files to) to your PC.
2. Open Device Manager, open Disk drives and find your hard drive, right-click on them and select Update driver software...
3. Repeat the process to open Universal Serial Bus controllers and find your external USB/SD, right-click on each one of them and select Update driver software...
4. When the process complete, restart your PC to keep all changes.

2. Cleanup and optimize target storage device:

To clean up and optimize external storage device or Windows hard drive for file copying, you can apply EaseUS free partition manager software for help. 
It’s 100% free to clean up junk files and useless files on your USB, SD card with ease.

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

Connect your external hard drive or storage device to your PC, and run EaseUS Partition Master Free. Follow steps below to continue:


Step 1: Launch EaseUS Partition Master. Select "Tools" and click "System Optimization".

choose system optimization

Step 2: Click "Junk File Cleanup". Then you can click "Analyze" to let EaseUS Partition Master find junk files on your PC.

choose junk file cleanup

Step 3: You can check and choose junk files and click Clean up. All of the selected junk files will be cleaned and deleted from your PC. Click "Yes" to clean up junk files.

Clean up junk files

After this, you can copy files to the destination disk again without meeting any stuck or hanging problem now.