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How to Recover Files from Found.000 Folder

Updated on Dec 29, 2018 by Abby Haines to File Recovery


Can you find ways to recover files from the found.000 folder? Two free ways are created to help you convert .chk files to the original format, for example, convert chk to jpg or mp4. And you can also try EaseUS disk data recovery to get a better recovery result and pleasing users experience.

Can I recover files in the found.000 folder?

"When I plugged my USB into PC, Windows asked to scan and repair the flash drive disk. Then I did it using the chkdsk command line, but after that, all my data including jpeg picture files and videos have become chk files in the found.000 folder. Is there any way to convert .chk files to original format or recover files to its original location?"

Usually, while scanning your disk for errors, Windows Scandisk or Chkdsk will convert your data into .chk files which it thinks has corruptions and then gather those files into a found.000 folder. And if you trying to open the CHK files, you will find they are completely inaccessible. As a result, you will finally end up with a terrible data loss disaster. 

Steps you can take to recover files from found.000 folder

Can't bear to lose all these precious photos or other types of files? Just read on to get full CHK file recovery solutions and learn how to recover found.000 chk files. 

# 1. Try to convert .chk files to the original format 

When you find your files changed into CHK format, you can first copy the file and try to recover or access it by simply changing the file extension. 

  1. For example, if your lost pictures are JPEG files, create a copy of the .chk file and try to rename the .chk files to .jpg files.
  2. And if your lost videos are MP4 files, try to rename the .chk files to .mp4 files. 

# 2. Try to recover CHK files in found.000 folder to its original location via Previous Versions

1) Backup your files to an external storage device.
2) Open Windows File Explorer, right-click the folder that used to store the lost files.
3) Select "Restore previous version", in the list of previous recovery points, choose the latest one.
4) Click the Restore button to recover found.000 folder files to its original location. 

Many users said it is helpful! But it just allows you to recover CHK file to a previous version. So, if you want to retrieve your files with all the content unchanged, you may try EaseUS disk data recovery, a powerful third-party recovery software. 

# 3. Try to recover files from found.000 directory using EaseUS disk data recovery

Step 1. Run folder recovery software.

  • Launch EaseUS folder recovery software on your PC.
  • Connect the device to your computer if the lost folder is saved on an external storage device.
  • Click "Specify a location" to choose the exact location where you lost the folder.
  • Click "Scan" to begin scanning lost folder with files.
Run folder recovery software.

Step 2. Find lost folder.

  • You can use the "Search" feature to quickly find the lost folder by searching the folder name.
  • Or you can check and find them from "Deleted Files", "Drive (with your device name)".
Scan and find lost folder data.

Step 3. Recover the lost folder.

Last, select the folder and choose to save it to a new & secure spot on your PC by clicking "Recover".

Restore lost folder data.