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  1. 3 Ways to Increase C Drive Space in Windows 11/10
  2. Upgrade to a Larger Hard Drive Without Data Loss
  3. Tips to Extend C Drive in Windows 11/10
  4. Related Questions on Extending Partition Windows 11/10

Windows 11/10 C drive is out of space:

Windows 10 C drive out of space

When the C drive (system partition) is out of space, gets full or you get a low disk space warning, and hardware upgrades become unavailable shown as the next image, what are you going to do? How to extend C drive or system partition in Windows 11/10? Follow the tips below, you'll learn how to extend partition, especially to increase C drive in Windows 10. 

1 - Extend C Drive or System Partition in Windows 11/10

For users who want to extend C drive with a professional and easy method, EaseUS Partition Master is the right choice for you.

Solution 1. Extend C Drive With EaseUS Partition Manager Software [Easiest]

As magic partition software, EaseUS Partition Master is a comprehensive hard disk partition management software that you can't miss.

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

This software lets you enjoy all the powerful functions for free:

  1. 1. Extend system partition
  2. 2. Resize and Move partitions
  3. 3. Copy Partition/Disk
  4. 4. Create, Deleted, and Format partitions
  5. 5. Hide and Unhide partitions and more... 

This software works perfectly with hardware even with RAID and supports all Windows Operating Systems. Your data is completely protected during all operations.

Tutorial 1. Smart Extend C Drive with Low Disk Space Error

Step 1. Click "Adjust with 1-Click" to extend C drive.

When your C drive is out of space, you will see the Low Disk Space alert on EaseUS Partition Master. Click the Adjust button to extend it.

How to Adjust Low C Drive Space Step 1

Step 2. Click "OK" to extend C drive automatically.

By clicking "OK", EaseUS Partition Master will automatically allocate space to your C drive to solve the low space issue.

How to Adjust Low C Drive Space Step 2

Extra Option: You can also click "Manual Adjustment" to extend the C drive manually.

When turning to Manual Adjustment, select the C drive, and drag dots rightward to add more space to C drive. Click "OK" to confirm.

Manually Adjust Low C Drive Space

Step 3. Confirm to resolve low disk space in C drive

Click the "Execute Operation" button at the top corner and start all pending operations by clicking "Apply".

How to Adjust Low C Drive Space Step 3

Tutorial 2. Extend System Drive with Space from Other Drive - Add Space to C Drive

Option 1. Extend System C drive with unallocated space

  1. 1. Right-click on the System C: drive and select "Resize/Move".
  2. 2. Drag the system partition end into the unallocated space so to add it to the C: drive. And click "OK". 
  3. 3. Click "Execute Operation" and "Apply" to execute the operations and extend the C drive.

Option 2. Extend System C drive without unallocated space

  1. 1. Right-click a big partition with enough free space on the system disk, select "Allocate Space".
  2. 2. Select the system drive at the Allocate Space From (*) To section, and drag the end of System C drive into the unallocated space. Click "OK" to confirm.
  3. 3. Click "Execute Operation", it will list the pending operations, and click "Apply" to save the changes and extend the C drive.

0:00-0:32 Extend System Drive with Unallocated Space; 0:32-1:00 Extend System Drive without Unallocated Space.

  1. The program may pop up a window to ask you to restart your computer after executing the operation, and do as the software requires.
  2. Your computer will restart with a bigger system C drive and better computer performance on your Windows 11/10 PC.

Besides the basic and advanced partition manager features, EaseUS Partition Master also provides a powerful partition recovery wizard to recover deleted or lost partitions, wipe data to permanently erase hard drive/partition, and so on.

Solution 2. Extend C Drive Windows 11/10 via Disk Management

There must be unallocated space behind the partition which you want to expand with Windows built-in Disk Management utility. Otherwise, you might find that the Extend Volume option is greyed out and not available.

Step 1. Right-click My Computer and choose "Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management".

Step 2. Right-click on the partition that you want to extend, and choose "Extend Volume" to continue.

extend windows 10 partition

Step 3. Set and add more size to your target partition and click "Next" to continue. 

Extend Windows 10 partition with Disk Managenent

Step 4. Click "Finish" to complete the process.

Solution 3. Extend C Drive Windows 11/10 via CMD

There is another tool named Diskpart which also enables you to manage your disk and partition. The Windows Command Prompt works the same as Disk Management. One important point is that inexperienced users should not rush to this method because a tiny mistake is able to do damage to the entire hard drive. 

Step 1. Press Windows + X keys and choose "Command Prompt (Admin)".

Step 2. Type the following commands and each one ends with "Enter" key:

list volume
select volume x
extend size =number

In my case, the system C drive is Volume 1. If there is no unallocated space, you can't extend C drive in Windows 11/10 with this method.

extend c drive using cmd

2 - Upgrade to a Larger Hard Drive Without Data Loss for Free

Clone and replace the old drive with a bigger one can also solve your problem. If you don't want to migrate other data on C drive, you can only migrate the Windows operating system to a new drive. 

Video Tutorial: How to migrate OS from HDD to SSD

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

If you want to replace the whole C drive both the system and the data, clone this drive with the help of EaseUS Partition Master. This feature enables you to move your system and data to SSD/HDD easily and quickly. Follow the steps below to clone your drive:

Step 1. Select the source disk.

Right-click the disk that you want to copy or clone. Then, select "Clone".

Step 2. Select the target disk.

Choose the wanted HDD/SSD as your destination and click "Next" to continue.

Step 3. View the disk layout and edit the target disk partition size. 

Then click "Continue" when the program warns it will wipe out all data on the target disk. (If you have valuable data on the target disk, back up it in advance.)

You can select "Autofit the disk", "Clone as the source" or "Edit disk layout" to customize your disk layout. (Select the last one if you want to leave more space for C drive.)

Step 4. Click "Proceed" to start the disk cloning process.

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Tips to Extend C Drive in Windows 11/10

In addition to these solutions, you may ask the way to extend C drive in Windows 11/10 without software. Here, you can learn some other tips to reduce the possibility of C drive full and increase C drive space.

1. Move the print spooler and page file to another drive.

2. You can also merge other partition into C drive for more space.

3. Apply professional partition manager software with the Cleanup and Optimization feature that can also speed up your slow computer, clean up those junk files and repair the Windows system. This will save you a large amount of space on the C drive and other partitions.

4. Empty recycle bin. Recycle bin is a storage room for all the files you delete from your PC. The deleted files remain there until you delete files from the recycle bin. Usually, the recycle bin takes up C drive space. That is to say, when you empty the recycle bin, you can increase a bit of disk space.

  • Right-click on the recycle bin icon located on your desktop and select "Empty Recycle Bin".
  • Or double-click on the recycle bin and click on the "Empty Recycle Bin" option located on top of the folder window.

Related Questions on Extending Partition Windows 11/10

In addition to extending the C drive, some people have asked related questions. Here are some examples:

1. Can we extend the C drive?

Yes, you can. You can use the third-party software, Disk Managemen or Diskpart to easily expand your C drive in Windows 11/10. Among them, EaseUS partition software is my recommendation. It can extend any drive easily and quickly.

2. How do I add storage from D to C?

Let EaseUS partition software help you. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and locate the target partition which you would like to extend. If there is unallocated space left on your disk, use the "Resize/Move" feature to extend partition. If there is no unallocated space on your disk, use the Allocate Space feature to extend the desired partition.

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

3. Why extend volume grayed out windows 11/10/8.1/7?

When you are using Disk Management to increase C drive space, you can right-click "Computer", choose "Manage" to go, then you can enter "Disk Management". If you see the Extend Volume option grayed out on your computer, it means that there is no unallocated space on your hard disk.

4. How to add space to C drive?

  • Launch EaseUS Partition Master.
  • Right-click on the System C: drive and select "Resize/Move".
  • Drag the system partition end into the unallocated space.
  • Click "Apply" to execute the changes and extend the C drive.

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