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Automatically transfer Office 365 to new computer
Manually transfer Office 365 to new computer

"I am getting a new Desktop Computer. I have purchased Office 365 - how do I transfer it to my new computer ?"

As we know, transferring files from old pc to a new one is quite an easy operation. But moving program is another matter that relates to activating Office 365 on a new PC. Sounds a bit complicated? Don't worry. We recommend the third party software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans and a manually moving method for solving such a problem.

Before starting the migration process, there is some information you need to know:

1. Check your Office 365 subscription type.

Office 365 provides personal, home, business. The personal subscription plan allows you to install the app on one pc, and the home subscription lets you install it on 5 PCs.

If you are using the personal edition, you need to transfer office 365 license to the new computer.

2. Remember your product key.

You have to input the product key to activate Office 365 after the transferring process.

Automatically transfer Office 365 to new computer

Can I transfer my Office 365 to a new computer? The EaseUS Todo PCTrans can give you a hand, which allows you to move the Microsoft app to the target PC without installation, change adobe install location, transfer files between pcs, and more.

First: transfer Office 365 to another computer.


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans and select the transfer mode.

  • Download and install EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your computers.
  • Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on the PCs and choose "PC to PC" on one of the computers.
select transfer mode

Step 2. Connect the source PC and the target PC.

  • Choose one method to connect the current PC to the target PC: enter the target computer's account password or its verification code. You can click and check the verification code on the right top of the "PC to PC" mainscreen on the target computer.
  • Choose the transfer direction and click "Connect".
connect the PCs

Step 3. Select Office to transfer.

  • Hover on "Applications" and choose "Edit".
  • In the list, Choose Microsoft Office and click "Finish".
select the application

Step 4. Transfer Microsoft Office to another PC.

  • Click "Transfer" to start transferring Microsoft Office to another PC.
  • Wait for the transfer process to finish and then click "OK".
transfer application from PC to PC

Second: Re-activate Office 365 after migration.

Here are some suggestions to guide you to view the product key.

1. Check your Microsoft Office Account.

  • Go to the online Microsoft Office store, visit Microsoft website. Log in your account.
  • Install from a disc > I have a disc > View product key

2. Find your email address.

  • Microsoft Office store: Generally, if you have bought a product from the Microsoft store, they have already issued a digital receipt that contains install information. You can find the product key in it unless you did not delete the email.
  • Physical store: If you get an Office app from the physical store, you can check the packaging or original disc to search card or label with product key.

3. Find the product key in your Microsoft online store.

If you can not find digital receipt or physical card, please connect online store to retrieve it.

  • View Microsoft store > Sign in your account > Order History > Click “Install Office” and the “Hi. Let’s get your Office”.

Third step: Run your Office 365 in new devices and complete activation.

Manually transfer Office 365 to new computer

If you get the Office 365 home subscription, there is no need to transfer Office 365 license to a new computer. But if you have the a personal subscription, you have to uninstall the office on the old computer.

Step 1: deactivate Office 365 installation.

  • Visit Microsoft Office website and log in your Office account.
  • Install information section > installed & activated Office 365 > installed section > click deactivate

office 365 deactive

  • After deactivated from the old PC, the next step is to install Office 365 and activate the license on another computer.

Step 2: Install & activate Office 365 on a new PC.

  • Visit Microsoft Office website. Now, click your account, and then click My account.
  • In the "Install" section, click the "Install" button to download the Office 365.
  • A few seconds later, you can see a setup.exe file is downloading. Then the setup window will pop, the installer will automatically install Office 365 on your PC.

office 365 deactive 2

  • When it asks for a product key to activate your Office 365, you should enter the product key.

After that, you can use Microsoft office 365 on your new PC.


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


The whole article is about how to transfer Office 365 to a new computer automatically or manually. Thanks to the third-party software, office 365 transfer to the new computer, even the other programs, can not become a hinder for users.

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