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Top 5 Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 11 [2024 Review]

If you run out of storage space on your Windows 11 too often, you must check what is taking all the space. In this post, we have shared some of the best space analyzers for Windows that can help you visualize and know which file or folder is taking up too much space.

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Ever wonder what is using up all the space on your hard drive? That is where Disk Space Analyzer comes in. For instance, before performing a disk cleanup, you might need to identify the unnecessary items to delete and the huge files to transfer if your hard drive keeps filling up. Additionally, you might need to identify the file that is too big for the destination file system while attempting to convert an NTFS partition to FAT32 but failing. The disk space analyzer is always helpful in this situation.

To determine the cause of your hard disk, flash drive, or external drive filling up, use one of the top five Disk Space Analyzer tools mentioned in the article. Some of them even permit file removal from the program itself. So, Windows 11 users can go through this article to find the best disk space analyzer efficiently.

Disk Space Analyzer Selection Tips for Windows 11

Disk Space Analyzer

Given below are tips on how to select a reliable Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 11:

💵Price: Most disk space analyzers are free and it is quite affordable.
💻OS Compatibility: The disk space analyzer supports Windows 11.
📝Features: The software should provide equivalent features to detect disk storage usage.
🔢Complexity: The disk analyzer software needs to be easy for many users.

​​​​​Read ahead to find the most suitable disk space analyzer for Windows 11.

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Top 5 Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 11 Recommend 2023

A disk space analyzer scans your computer and creates a report outlining everything that occupies disk space, including films, saved files, installation files for activities, and more. Below are the best 5 disk space analyzers for Windows 11 users to select.

Which tool should I take for analyzing my disk space on a Windows 11 computer? Here is a comparison table that you can quickly view and help you to make the right decision:

Disk Space Analyzer Who to Use It Fees
#1. EaseUS Partition Master Anyone with basic computer skills. $0
#2. Windows 11 Storage Medium-skilled user who clearly know what they are about to delete. $0
#3. WinDirStat Advanced users and developers $0. However, the software development is slow.
#4. SpaceSniffer Advance users and developers. $0
#5. TreeSize Pro users because it is not easy to learn it in the first attempt, and need to be careful as the UI can be confusing. $25 for personal usage.

Most of the disk space analyzers listed below are free to use. We advise users to use the EaseUS Partition Master with its Disk Space Analyzer feature. It is free of cost and provides bonus features for users to free up disk space and fully use it. However, make sure to read about each of these software to understand.

1. EaseUS Partition Master

EaseUS Partition Master Free is an all-inclusive freeware disk management solution with various tools to manage and optimize your computer's storage. This utility has Space Analyzer features that can analyze disk space. Following a disk space analysis, users can manage disks by changing disk space, deleting unnecessary data, and enhancing disk performance.

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Disk Analyzer

🎯Feature List of EaseUS Disk Space Analyzer:

  • Quick scan outcomes: A quick system scan will give users a clear image of how much space is used. It shows the file size in a more illustrative GB/MB/KB/B format.
  • Data visualization: The tool will display the total, used, and unused space percentages. The most common file kinds are directly visible to users.
  • Locate files quickly: Users can access files immediately by navigating to file views or folder attempts.
  • Remove unwanted and hidden files: This disk management tool is incorporated into disk management functions. Users can delete unwanted hidden and transient files using its disk cleanup or partition deletion capability.
  • Provides additional elements: EaseUS has many vital functions as one of the finest partition manager programs, including a health check, speed test, partition management, partition cloning, etc.

👔Editors' Review

It's a great program; I have been using it for years - never a problem. I've been using this for years, have partitioned my computers, resized partitions, and deleted empty ones. GUI is so easy to use. A great product, mainly because I have always used the free version. Thank you, Easeus. from Softonic

Download EaseUS Partition Master:

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💡Final Verdict:

Not only is the software professionally advanced, but it also offers tons of features such as disk analyzer, space analyzer, clean genius, etc., that are free for anyone.

2. Windows 11 Storage

You can check what files occupy your hard disk via the Storage option in Windows 11 Settings. Open Settings > Storage and check under Local Disc (C:) to see what is taking up your disk space.

The Storage option in Windows Settings provides a general overview of practically everything on any attached hard drive to Windows 11. A few examples are system files, programs, games, temporary files, files kept in Documents, OneDrive, Pictures, Music, Videos, and files from other people if you share the computer.

Windows Storage

🎯Feature List of Windows Storage:

  • Windows 11 offers a list of discs and volumes: Windows allows you to explore the volume (which launches File Explorer) or examine the volume's properties when you click on one of the volumes.
  • Advanced Storage Settings results in Windows 11 to display additional storage options: You can view storage used on other discs using advanced storage options.

👔Editors' Review:

The Storage settings in Windows will also let you quickly clear space and enable Storage Sense to remove temporary files and recycle bin items automatically. from PCmag

💡Final Verdict:

It is always good to have basic features built into the OS so everyone can benefit. While most users don't need advanced features, they only need to know which folders take more space.

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3. WinDirStat

WinDirStat is well-rated and one of the best programs for examining disk utilization. This tool is trusted by innumerable users worldwide and is free, making it a very appealing choice for all computer users. The program performs a complete scan of your computer and produces a detailed report with a treemap that displays the percentage of disk usage.


🎯Feature List of WinDirStat

  • Open-Source Utility Software: The program's open-source architecture lets users view and edit the source code. Because of its compatibility and integration with the Windows environment, it is specifically made to run on the Microsoft Windows OS.
  • Quick Scanning Results: Uses the latest algorithms and efficient approaches for quick and effective system scanning. Users can anticipate speedy results when scanning junk files and cached data, reducing waiting time and boosting productivity.
  • Removes trash and Cached Data: The utility program can recognize and eliminate several trash items that build up over time, including temporary files, system logs, and useless application data.
  • Easy Disk Space Analysis: Offers an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface for analyzing disk space consumption.

👔Editors' Review:

A lifesaver! Symantec took up 250GB on my hard drive with worthless quarantined program files; I would never have found out without this tool. from SOUREFORGE

💡Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a fantastic visual-based disk analyzer, this is one of the best out there, and it's an old one. The software helps you quickly figure out some of the big folders, navigate through them, and delete files. 

Download WinDirStat:

Open this link in your browser and you'll be able to get it:  https://windirstat.net/.

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4. SpaceSniffer

Uderzo software's SpaceSniffer is a powerful disk space analyzer explicitly made for Windows. This open-source utility uses a treemap visualization technique to report disk space usage comprehensively. By discovering and eliminating items that are taking up a lot of space on your disk, you can effectively reclaim important storage space by using the insights from this study.


🎯Feature List of SpaceSniffer:

  • Allows customizable File Format Colors: Users can choose colors for various file formats.
  • Support for Alternate Data Streams (ADS): Alternate Data Streams (ADS) are extra, concealed data streams that can be connected to a file. The application supports ADS. ADS can keep track of a file's metadata, extended characteristics, and other data.
  • File Categorization Options: This tool enables users to classify files according to various factors, including name, size, and other pertinent characteristics.
  • Support for Various Windows Versions: Fully compatible with many Windows operating system versions.

👔Editors' Review

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !! Light, easy to use, and valuable. I have used it for many years; IMHO, it would take a law that makes this software mandatory. from Softonic

💡Final Verdict:

Similar to WInDirStat, the software offers the exact visualization but includes categorization and support for ADS that helps to peek into the file's metadata to understand it before you delete it.

Download SpaceSniffer:

Open this link in your browser to download SpaceSniffer for free: https://spacesniffer.en.softonic.com/.

#Free Space Analyzer#Space Sniffer#Free#Windows

5. TreeSize

TreeSize, developed by the JAM program, is one of the market's most advanced disk space analyzer programs. It examines system drives and provides thorough data on disk space consumption through a simple treemap. The UI of this application is simple and easy to use. With support for more than 16 languages, it is intended to serve a global market.

Image of Treesize

🎯Feature List of TreeSize:

  • Effective Resource Usage: The application is minimal by design, preventing it from consuming large amounts of system resources.
  • Outstanding Data Visualization: Provides an efficient data visualization tool that improves user experience.
  • Windows Explorer Integration: This feature seamlessly connects with Windows Explorer and gives users a practical approach to deleting extra files.
  • Support for all Windows Editions: Developed to operate without issues on 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows.

👔Editors' Review:

Supports sorting options and can scan for large files in internal and external hard drives. Size units can be changed between GB, MB, and KB; a portable version is available on the download page. from Lifewire

💡Final Verdict:

If you need a combination of Visual Data and File Explorer view, you need to pick up this software. It is easy to follow but may be too much for a nested folder structure.

Download TreeSize:

 Open this link in your browser and you'll be able to download this tool for free: www.jam-software.com/treesize.

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So, these are the top five disk space analyzer tools after thoroughly comparing and analyzing all the options accessible in 2023. This fantastic software sets itself apart from competing applications because of its wealth of features, simple user interface, and exceptional efficiency. Additionally, it offers a distinctive fusion of cutting-edge capabilities with convenience. Here is how we recommend the above list:

So, to conclude, I suggest the EaseUS Partition Master tool as the best disk space analyzer tool to check what programs are taking up space on your disk, and you can download it and see it for yourself.

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FAQs About Disk Space Analyzer Windows 11

Do you have more questions about Disk Space Analyzer on Windows 11? Check out the frequently asked questions and their answers:

1. Does Windows 11 have a disk space analyzer?

Yes. Navigate to Settings > System > Storage on your Windows 11 computer. If you use this setting for the first time, give your computer a few seconds to examine your data storage. You can view your total available RAM at the top of the page once Windows has gathered all the required information.

2. How can I visualize disk space in Windows 11?

This is how you check disk space on Windows 11:

Step 1: On your Windows 11 device, click File Explorer from the taskbar.

Step 2: Click the This PC option on the left pane to see how much disk space remains.

Step 3: You can check the free space on your drive under Devices and Drives.

3. Is there a disk space analyzer for Windows 10?

Yes. On your Windows 10 device, open File Explorer from the taskbar, click This PC on the left, and see how much disk space is still available. Each drive's available space will be displayed under the Devices and Drives section.

4. How do I check disk space and clean up the disk in Windows 10?

This is how you check disk space and clean up the disk in Windows 10:

Step 1: Select the Cleanup recommendations option under Start > Settings > System > Storage.

Step 2: Choose the Clean up button for each section after choosing the temporary files, unwanted files, files synced to the cloud, or useless apps you wish to delete.

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