What Is A DMG File on Mac/Windows and How Do You Use It?

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Speaking to DMG files, Apple users may be much more familiar. During their daily use, Apple users can get across such problems: why did I download the DMG file, not the EXE file? What is DMG? how to open it or something like that? And perhaps some users are wondering what a DMG file on Windows is. DMG can be used in both Mac and Windows as a file. Considering its functions and effect, we need to understand DMG completely. So reading this article can help you a lot to learn DMG and use it efficiently.

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What Is A DMG File on Mac?

DMG is a Universal Disk Image Format (UDIF) used in Mac OS X. DMG, formerly New Disk Image Format (NDIF), is used in OS9 and earlier systems. The extensions of this kind of file are. img and .smi. DMG file, with its extension .dmg, is the disk image file to store compressed software installer on Mac. DMG files on Mac, resembling ISO files on Windows, are as standard as part of a computer because you need them to make your Mac more effective. In a word, DMG is like a virtual install package. Before the virtual hard disk drive mounts/appears on the desktop, you should double-click DMG. What is a DMG file on Mac? You must have an overview of that. Now how to use it in detail is the crucial point. Let us keep moving on!

Why Does Mac Use DMG?

DMG is a specific file format developed by Apple and mainly used in Mac. Why choosing or using DMG as their core file formats predominantly lie in the following several strengths of itself:

  1. DMG files enjoy advanced compression and encryption, and their most significant advantage is that they can be treated like removable disks.
  2. DMG files can be readable and writable, and you can add files to them according to your needs.
  3. The maximum supported DMG single file is 2TB.
  4. In which licenses and text descriptions can be added; background images can be set; content can be encrypted
  5. It is easily operated to install without decompression.
  6. It could save your computer storage to a large extent.

How to Use DMG on Mac?

Here we mainly provide a method to open/get access to DMG on Mac:

If you download an APP from the Internet, not from the Apple Store, you will see the such logo (with the suffix .dmg).

Step 1. Double-click DMG.

Step 2. According to the page prompt, drag the APP icon to the Applications.

drag to application

Step 3. After dragging the icon, the page shows that the item is copied to the application.

Step 4. Double-click the APP icon on the computer to open the software.

After all, the installation of the DMG file is completed.

On top of that, something else about DMG files on Mac is here if you're engaged.

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How to Recover Deleted/ Corrupted DMG Files on Mac

DMG file disappears permanently on your Mac, and it seems impossible to get them back. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac recovers deleted DMG files from macOS 10.14 - OS X 10.6 with simples clicks. Here is the guide for DMG file recovery.

What Is A DMG File on Windows and How to Open It?

DMG files are not limited to Mac or other devices produced by Apple. With its many advantages and high safety, Windows also utilize DMG to increase users' experience. So let us learn more about DMG on Windows and how to use it on Windows!

1. What Is A DMG File on Windows?

DMG file on Windows is like itself on Mac. Therefore, in essence, DMG is the same whether it is on Mac or Windows. It is also used to save applications and avoid unnecessary troubles during installation. Maybe because of that, Windows adopts DMG for users, offering a safer and time-saving "Container."

2. How to Open It on Windows?

As we all know, DMG files are mainly used on Mac. But nowadays, it is more and more common to appear on Windows because certain Apps are compressed to be DMG. With its increasing popularity, learning how to open/use DMG on Windows is not a wrong choice.

Before we start, there are two recommendations provided for you:

DMG Extractor

dmg extractor

In advance, we need to download a free software DMG Extractor. It will automatically work once you download it. Besides, DMG Extractor can help to extract encrypted .dmg files.

Step 1. Open DMG Extractor, and upload the DMG file(s) you want to extract (or you can drag it directly).

Step 2. And then, DMG Extractor will automatically extract the files you select. And if your files are 4GB+, the progress bar may be at the bottom.

Note: DMG Extractor is so easy to operate with excellent efficiency, but it is just accessible for the .dmg files within 4GB. It will need to be paid if it is more than 4GB.



Step 1. Download and open UltraISO.

Step 2. Choose file type, .dmg/.fhs/.timg.

Step 3. Select the files you want to extract.

Step 4. After finishing, convert DMG to ISO.


In this article, we explored what DMG is and how to use it. We also got the advantages of DMG. So by having learned about DMG thoroughly, I believe you must have a better understanding of DMG files. You must know what DMG is on Mac/Windows and how to use it on both different devices. And aimed to use DMG on Windows; tell us if you have better tips.

What Is A DMG File FAQs

1. Is it safe to delete DMG files after software installation?

Of course, it is. DMG files can be removed after installing software because it eventually becomes useless. So reducing it could release the computer storage.

Note: if you encounter troubles when removing DMG files, you need to check if you ejected them in advance.

2. Is DMG Mac only?

We've mentioned before that DMG files are Apple-explored and are specific to Mac. Generally speaking, many software can be downloaded for Mac or Windows separately on their websites. But now, you can choose to convert DMG using other efficient tools.

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