2 Methods to Restore Deleted Instagram Photos/Videos on iPhone

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Tracy King updated on Feb 04, 2021 to iPhone Data Recovery | How-to Articles


This tutorial article offers simple and easy method to help you restore deleted Instagram photos and videos on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you happen to delete wonderful photos or videos in Instagram or want to see all Instagram photos and videos, just follow this article to perform a full Instagram recovery and get all photos/videos back now.

"Hey guys, do you know how to restore lost Instagram photos and videos? And will it be simple for me to get those lost photos back in Instagram on my iPhone? If you have any solutions, please help me. Thank you."

Instagram photo video recovery.

Are you having similar problems that you find now way to get lost Instagram photos and videos restored on iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch? Don't let this problem bother you anymore. Here in the below passages, we'll offer you professional Instagram recovery solution to assist you restoring and viewing all Instagram photos and videos.

Find Instagram recovery solutions for iPhone

If you search solutions online for how to restore deleted Instagram photos or videos, you may be able to get wanted answers. Some major websites may even tell you that there is no way to restore lost Instagram data for that Instagram will clean up photos or videos automatically. 

However, it's not quite true about Instagram. You may still have a little luck here that photos or videos may stash on your phone in Instagram album. So you still have a chance to restore deleted photos/videos from Instagram album on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Here we'll offer you two methods for Instagram photos/video recovery: 

1. Recover deleted photos/videos from Instagram album on iPhone;
2. Apply iOS data recovery software to perform a full Instagram recovery and restore all lost photos/videos.

You can selectively choose either one solution to get all lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos restored now.

Method 1. Manually recover deleted photos/videos from Instagram album on iPhone

  • Go to Photos on your iPhone;
  • Select the album called Instagram;
  • Click on Instagram album and open it;
  • Then you'll see all photos and videos in the album;
  • From here, you can reupload any of these images and videos that you may have accidentally deleted from Instagram. 

Method 2. Perform full Instagram recovery and restore lost photos/videos with iOS data recovery software

If you find no tracks of Instagram deleted photos or videos in the Instagram album from Method 1 or you prefer a more direct method to restore lost photos and videos from Instagram on you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, professional iOS data recovery software shall be your best shot. 

A highly recommended iOS data recovery software - EaseUS MobiSaver shall help you to work this out. It supports to restore all lost data on iOS devices, iTunes or iCloud backup within 3 simple clicks. All your lost or deleted Instagram photos and videos on iPhone can also be restored by this tool. Free download this software and get all deleted Instagram photos/videos restored now.

1. Connect iPhone with PC and launch EaseUS MobiSaver on it;
Choose recovery mode - "Recover from iOS Device" and click Scan

Restore deleted Instagram photos.

2. Scan iPhone and find lost Instagram photos and videos.
EaseUS Mobisaver will automatically scan iPhone and find present data and all lost data for you.

Scan to restore deleted Instagram photos and videos.

3. Preview and restore found Instagram data from iPhone. 
You can choose the lost data such as Instagram photos and videos and click Recover to save those data to a safe spot in on PC. 

Recover Instagram deleted photos/videos on iPhone.

If you are an android user and happen to lose or delete Instagram photos/videos, the EaseUS MobiSaver for Android can also help.

So don't be panic anymore when you delete or lose important photos or videos in Instagram on your iPhone, you can just follow the above two methods and fix this issue on your own now.

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