IMO chat recovery: Recover IMO Chat History/Messages

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Deleted chat history in IMO app? Try third-party IMO chat recovery software to recover deleted or lost IMO.IM chat history and other IMO App data content like photos, videos, audio, and other media files.

How can I recover deleted IMO chat history

"Today, I accidentally deleted all the IMO chat history with others. After the mistake, all the conversations, messages, pictures and videos for the last 6 months are gone from the app. It's really disappointing! Is there any way to recover deleted IMO chat history? I really want to recover the messages from the IMO app, because there is some important information. If you know some IMO chat recovery solution, please help!"

About IMO chat recovery

IMO is an instant messenger that allows you to keep in touch with your friends or families by sending messages, photos or videos on iPhone and Android. All these files are called the IMO chat history. But sometimes, IMO chats might get deleted or lost due to various reasons. When it happens, IMO chat recovery is not an easy job as the IMO app doesn't offer you a way to backup or restore IMO chat history. And it will become more difficult if you know little about data recovery or have no tech skills. But don't worry! Even retrieving messages or chat history from messenger apps like IMO is not so easy as common Android data recovery or iPhone data recovery, but there is still some chance to get the messages back. 

Recover deleted IMO messages 

Have you had a backup of the IMO chat of your device?

If the answer is "Yes" and you have kept the backup of chat history as a screenshot, then you can get back the deleted IMO chat messages from the screenshot. Other content of IMO such as photos, videos, and other media files can also be recovered from the backup if you have synced it with Google Account or uploaded it to Google Drive.

For recovering deleted IMO contacts, follow below steps:

Step 1. Open the IMO app. Go to Settings and delete your Account and uninstall the IMO app.

Step 2. After this install the IMO app again from the Play Store.

Step 3. Sign-up with the same phone number and all your deleted contacts will re-appear.

If the answer is "NO" and you don't have any IMO app chat content, then you have little chance to restore the lost message. Any of the third-party software on the market only helps you to recover deleted or lost IMO.IM chat history and other IMO App data content like photos, videos, audio, and other media files. It cannot recover the contacts itself. Before you have the same problem, back up the IMO messages as soon as possible.


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