Fix 99% or 100% High CPU Usage Issue in Windows 10 Fall Creators

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Here are some solutions and methods that you can apply to fix high CPU usage error in Windows 10 Fall Creators:

Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators), End of Service:
Microsoft released the final security update for these editions of Windows 10, version 1709 on October 13, 2020. In other words, Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators)is end of services.
To keep your OS and data safe, we suggest you update your computer to the latest Windows 10 2004 version or the coming up 2009 version.
To install the latest Windows 10 update, click to Download Latest Windows 10 Update.

Get 99% or 100% high CPU usage after Windows 10 Fall Creators update and the computer gets extremely slow

Your computer gets slow after Windows 10 Fall Creators update? Does CPU show extremely high use - 99% or even 100% usage in Task Manager on Windows 10 Fall Creators PC? 

Windows 10 Fall Creators high CPU usage.

If your computer runs slower after installing Windows 10 Fall Creators, or CPU shows highly used in task manager, don't worry. Here in the below, you'll find quick fixes and complete methods to fully resolve the high CPU usage issue in Windows 10 Fall Creators and speed up your PC with simple clicks.

If your computer is running extremely slow now, follow Quick Fix 1 or Quick Fix 2 to get rid of high CPU usage issue on Windows 10 Fall Creators PC. If you need a full and complete solution, Method 1, 2 and 3 can be your best shot and you can give any one of them for a try now.

Quick Fix 1. End Task of running programs to fix high CPU usage error in Windows 10 Fall Creators

This fix can help you quickly end high CPU usage issue in Windows 10 Fall Creators when your PC becomes extremely slow or even get stuck with running programs:

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys at the same time to bring up Task Manager;
2. Select "Task Manager" > Check and select programs that are taking high memory and CPU usage > Click "End Task" to close selected programs or apps.

End task of running Windows 10 Fall Creators.

Quick Fix 2. Disable Startup programs, fix file system error and clean up junk files to fix high CPU usage issue

1. Disable Startup programs that takes high CPU and slows PC

1. Press Win + R to bring Run dialog > Type: msconfig to open Task Manager;
2. Click on Startup on "Task Manager "> Select and right-click on unnecessary programs or apps > Select "Disable" to stop them running from Startup.

2. Fix file system error that causes high CPU and disk usage

Download, install and run EaseUS Partition Master in Windows 10 Creators PC;

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

Step 1. Open EaseUS Partition Master on your computer. Then, locate the disk, right-click the partition you want to check, and choose "Advanced" > "Check File System".

choose Check Partition

Step 2. In the Check File System window, keep the "Try to fix errors if found" option selected and click "Start".

check the pop-up instructions

Step 3. The software will begin checking your partition file system on your disk. When it completes, click "Finish".

finish partition check

3. Clean up junk files that take high CPU and disk usage

When the C drive contains is full of junk files, or applications contain caches, the computer CPU will be overloaded. As a result, unexpected high CPU and disk usage issue will occur.

To get rid of this issue, EaseUS CleanGenius with its System Cleanup feature can help:

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master Suite.

Free Download 

Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

download and install CleanGenius

Step 2. Click PC Cleaner and install EaseUS CleanGinus. Then, click "Cleanup" and click "Scan" to start cleaning up the system and make your PC as good as new.

system cleanup step 1

Step 3. The software will scanning all over your computer to find idle data files that take a huge amount of disk space, you can select useless large files, system junk files and Windows invalid entries and click "Clean" to start system cleanup process.

system cleanup step 2

Step 4. When the scan is complete, click "Done" to finish cleaning system junk files.

system cleanup step 3

Full solutions for fixing high CPU usage in Windows 10 Fall Creators

Method 1. Run DISM command to decrease high CPU usage

1. Right-click on Start and select "Command Prompt (Admin)", sign in with your administrator account;

Decrease high CPU.

2. Type: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and hit Enter;

Run CMD to fix high CPU usage.

3.Type: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess and hit Enter;
4.Type: sfc /scannow and hit Enter;

Run DISM to fix high CPU usage error.

Restart PC after this and then CPU high usage or RAM high usage issue has been lowered down by then. 

Method 2. Disable Superfetch and Windows services to fix Windows high CPU usage 

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager;
2. Go to "Services" tab and click "Open" services;
3. Navigate and locate Superfetch, right click on it and select "Properties";
4. Click "Stop" to end the Superfetch service and click OK to confirm the change;

Stop suprefetch service that cause high CPU error.

5. Press Win + R to open Run dialog > Type: msconfig and click OK;
6. Check "Hide all Microsoft services" under Services tab > Uncheck all other remaining services > "OK" to save all changes;
7. Restart Windows 10 Fall Creators > Enable any services individually and reboot PC > Repeat the process till Windows 10 Fall Creators high CPU usage issue gets fixed by then.

Method 3. Use Registry Editor to fix Windows 10 Fall Creators high CPU usage error

Note: One thing that you should know is that Registry Editor may clear and remove some useful files on your PC while running below clear command to fix high CPU usage issue in Windows 10 Fall Creators.
Therefore, please do remember to backup important files and data to an external storage device before you trying below tips.

1. Press Win + R to open Run dialog and type: Regedit, hit Enter;
2. Follow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management;
3. Find: "ClearPageFileAtShutDown" and set its value to 1;
4. Restart the computer and then CUP high usage issue will be fixed.

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