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Fixed: 'Change Drive Letter and Paths' Greyed Out in Windows 10

Updated on Nov 30, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Manager

Here this page will show you how to easily change a drive letter without using Disk Management tool when 'Change Drive Letter and Paths' option is greyed out and you can even follow to repair Disk Management back to work normally again with offered solutions here.

'Change Drive Letter and Paths' is greyed out in Windows 10 Disk Management, help!

"Here is the deal: Windows 10 Disk Management tool is not working for changing drive or partition drive letter since 'Change Drive Letter an Paths' option is greyed out. 
Disk Management can't change a drive letter on my Windows 10 PC. So what can I do? Is there another alternative way or method that can help me to change the drive letter of my hard drive partition or external storage devices?How?

Disk Management tool, as a Windows built-in management tool, support users to change device drive letter, shrink/extend and even combine partitions in Windows system. Users can even use this tool to perform some basic disk management jobs such as check disk partition, disk cleanup etc. So what can you do when you are unable to change drive letter with Disk Management in Windows 10?

Change Drive Letter and Paths is greyed out in Windows 10 Disk Management and you can't set a new drive letter to your hard drive partition or USB/SD card etc external storage devices? Relax!  Here below, you'll find reliable methods to effectively change device letter and make Disk Management tool back to work normally again.

Step 1. Change drive letter without using Disk Management

When Disk Management tool is not working to change drive letter on your PC or storage devices, don't worry. You can directly follow either one methods below to get your problem solved right now:

Method 1. Change drive letter with partition manager freeware 

Free partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Free supports you to simply change device drive letter without formatting in Windows 10/8/7.
You can just free download, install it on your PC and follow to change drive letter on your device now:

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

1. Connect external hard drive, USB or SD card to PC;
Launch and run EaseUS Partition Master Free, find and right-click on the device that you want to change the drive letter, select Change drive letter;

Change drive letter without Disk Management.

Step 2. Select a new drive letter to rename your target device and click OK to confirm;

Change drive letter in Windows 10.

Step 3. Click Apply to keep all changes.

Method 2. Change drive letter with CMD

1. Right-click Start and select Command Prompt (Admin);
2. Sign in as administrator and type: diskpart, hit Enter to continue;
3. Enter DiskPart window and type: list disk, hit Enter;
4. Type: list volume and hit Enter;
5. Type: select disk = 0 (replace 0 with the drive number of your disk) and hit Enter;
6. Type: select volume = 0 (replace 0 with the drive number of your disk) and hit Enter;
7. Type: assign letter = D (Replace D with the new drive letter that you want to add) and hit Enter.

After this, you've successfully added a new drive letter to your device. And if you want to make Disk Management tool work again, continue with Step 2 and Step 3. 

Step 2. Check and repair system disk error which stops disk management working

If the system disk contains some file system error or bad sectors, Disk Management tool may not be able to function normally. So your next move is to check and repair system disk error that stops Disk Management tool working.

Here you may directly apply EaseUS Partition Master Free for help:

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and right-click the partition (system partition) that you want to check by clicking Check partition.
2. Choose the way that you want to use to check partition: Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors, Surface Test.
Click OK.

Check and repair bad sectors and file system error that disallow to change drive letter.

3. Let EaseUS Partition Master automatically check hard disk partition errors and repair errors for you. Click OK to finish the process. 

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

Step 3. Perform system restore to repair disk management tool 

If Step 2 still doesn't work, then you may try the last step which is to perform a system restore - restoring Windows 10 to a previous healthy state so to make Disk Management work normally:

1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery;
2. Click Restart now under Advanced startup;

Perform System Restore to repair Disk Management tool

3. Enter Choose an option menu and select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > System Restore;

Repair 'change drive letter' greyed out error in Windows 10.

4. Select the proper system restore point and follow onscreen guidance to complete system restore. 
After this, you shall be able to use Windows 10 Disk Management to change drive letter of devices and perform other operations by then.