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Method 1. Change  Password with an Administrator Account Step 1: Log in as a distinct administrator; Step 2: Hit the "Start" menu and choose...Full steps
Method 2. Reset Password by Windows 7 Password Reset Disk 1. Create a Windows password reset disk; 2. Use Windows 7 Password Reset Disk...Full steps
Extra Tip: Recover Windows License Key by EaseUS Key Finder Step 1. Click the "Windows" tab under the Registry Key; Step 2. Check Windows product key on...Full steps

Can I Recover Windows 7 Password?

Have you forgotten your Windows 7 password? Don't know how to recover it? Maybe you set a password, which was too difficult to remember! Now, what? You can easily recover or reset your Windows 7 password by following a few simple steps.

However, forgetting the Windows 7 passwords could be a huge pain when you have confidential documents stored on the PC. Here comes the importance of password recovery. The account invaders are lurking somewhere and if they gain access to your Windows 7 account and change your password, the consequences are worst! However, various steps are there to reset and recover your password.

So, are you ready to dive right into the password recovery methods and some additional tips in the last? Let's get straight to it! 

Method 1. Change Windows 7 Password Using an Administrator Account

Windows 7 has a default administrative account named "Administrator", which manages every aspect of the PC. With this account, users can get administrative advantages applied to their accounts, making it hassle-free for them to execute tasks, including resetting passwords and running backups.

If you have misplaced the password, it's possible to reset the Windows 7 password by using an administrator account. Fortunately, resetting the Windows 7 password is less cumbersome than it sounds. However, check out the steps for changing Windows 7 passwords using an Administrator account.

Step 1: Log in as a distinct administrator.

Can't you access one administrator account? Then, you can log in as any other user with distinct administrative privileges. It's that the first account you have created while installing the PC had these licenses. However, follow the next step when you don't have another administrator account.

choose administrator account

Step 2: Hit the "Start" menu and choose "Control Panel".

If you cannot see a control panel link on the "Start" menu, press the "Windows + S" and search for "Control Panel". So, when it emerges in the search results, just click on it.

select control panel by hitting the start button

Step 3: Hit "Add or remove user accounts".

Windows 7 wants you to confirm your password to get ahead.

choose to add or remove user accounts under user accounts

Step 4: Choose the account name you want to change.

The Administrator accounts can transform the password of various accounts present on the system. So, if any of those accounts you want to change is named "Administrator", click that account.

welect the administrator account to change its password

Step 5: Hit "Change Password".

Go through the on-screen instructions to set up a new password for your Windows 7. To confirm your password, you need to type it twice. Once Windows accepts the change, you can log in to your account with that new password.

click on the change your password option

Method 2. Reset Password by Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Are you wondering how to recover a Windows 7 password using different methods? Let's check out the steps in detail:

1. Create a Windows password reset disk

If you forget your Windows password, you can utilize a password reset disk to generate a new one. Therefore, it's recommended to reset your Windows 7 password while creating a password reset disk so that you will never lose access to your files.

Step 1: Generate a password for the current account.

Step 2: Hit the "Control panel" menu followed by the "User Accounts" and "Create a password reset disk".

Select create a password reset disk from the user accounts section

Step 3: Hit the "Next" button.

Step 4: Select "Next" after choosing the USB drive.

select the usb drive

Step 5: Provide the current user account password followed by the "Next" button.

provide current user account password and hit next

Step 6: You need to wait for a few seconds until the creating password reset disk is done. After that, hit "Next".

Step 7: Hit the "Finish" option.

choose the finish option once password reset disk was successfully created

Step 8: After creating the Windows password reset disk, there will be a file in the USB drive named userkey.psw.

2. Use Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Step 1: A "Reset Password" option will pop up under the password input box whenever you enter an incorrect password. Therefore, you need to click on "Reset Password".

Step 2: Hit the "Next" button when a password reset wizard appears.

use password reset wizard

Step 3: Choose the drive with "userkey.psw" and hit "Next".

Step 4: Provide a new password and hit "Next".

choose the right drive and click next

Step 5: This is how you can reset your Windows 7 password and input the new password for logging into your system.

password has successfully reset for the user account

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find windows product key 1

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find windows product key 2

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