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5 Best HDD Benchmark Tools Recommend in 2024 [100% Working]

Are you looking for the best HDD Benchmark tools? If yes, then the below discussion will be helpful for you.

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Updated by Tracy King on Feb 06, 2024

Are you looking for the best HDD Benchmark tools? If yes, then the below discussion will be helpful for you. We all know that the Hard Disk Drive is a vital PC component that helps increase the device speed. If it is slow, then you will face lagging in your PC despite having memory and performance. In this case, the disk benchmark gets in and delivers it. It is the process of running a tool that helps to check out the transfer speed or rate of transfer. If you haven't heard about it and are looking for more doubts to clarify, let's jump into the discussion below.

Also, it will be helpful for you to choose the best HDD benchmark tools when it comes to testing the disk performance on time.

HDD benchmark tool theme

It doesn't matter if you don't have the technical skill or disk testing knowledge to identify a reliable HDD benchmark tool. In the next part, we'll introduce you to the top 5 best HDD benchmark tools that we selected among 20 similar utilities, including CrystalDiskMark, Blackmagic, HD Tune, Atto AS, etc. 

5 Best HDD Benchmark Tools Recommend and Download for Windows & Mac 

If you are looking for the best HDD Benchmark tools for Windows & Mac, then the below-mentioned tools would be helpful for you. Here is a list of basic information about how we selected the top 5 best HDD benchmark tools:

💵Price $0-$500

Windows: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

macOS: macOS 14.0 - OS X 10.9

🔢The Number of Tested Tools: 20+
⏳Test Period: 2 weeks
💽Tested HDD Capacity: 6TB, 4TB, 3TB, 2TB, and 1TB hard drives from Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, etc.

Here, we have developed the five best HDD benchmark tools for users who want to check their hard disk performance.

1. EaseUS Partition Master

It is said to be the disk partition software - EaseUS Partition Master will be helpful for the users to manage the HDD or SDD on Windows PCs and servers. Also, it will quickly sort out the low disk space issues. Its specifically designed DiskMark and Disk Health features can efficiently assist disk owners in benchmarking their hard drives, SSDs, and external storage devices, for free.

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EaseUS DiskMark Benchmarking


  • DiskMark and Disk Health mainly help people to detect and benchmark HDD's speed and performance.
  • It is also compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • It supports when it comes to merging non–adjacent partitions.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Re-sizing NTFS formatted partitions
  • Delivers top-class design along with simple disk management software usage
  • It comes up with extensive partitioning functionality

Pros and Cons, and Editors' Review of EaseUS HDD Benchmark Tool:

Expert's Rating:


  • Ease of usee
  • Easy to install
  • 8TB disks are supported


  • Careful about choosing the correct partition

Editors' Review

EaseUS Partition Master is an all-in-one disk partitioning software that helps users to manage, create, delete, resize, extend, shrink, clone, convert, and migrate hard disk drives and partitions. - Reviewed by G2

Software download: 

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Windows 11/10/8/7100% Secure

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Our Verdict: Why choose it?

The main reason for choosing EaseUS Partition Master is its free features. Also, it delivers a user-friendly experience. At the same time, you can use this on all Windows without any hassles.

2. CrystalDiskMark

It is a tool for benchmarking that contains multipurpose and offers a reasonable rate of delivering results. Also, the tool is straightforward to operate when it comes to users who don't have advanced knowledge. You can run more passes to check out accurate results using this tool.



  • It offers multiple interface themes
  • Comes up with multi-language support
  • Experience the simple user interface

Pros and Cons, and Editors' Review of CrystalDiskMark:

Expert's Rating:


  • Free and easy to use
  • Easy to measure the performance
  • Allows to save test results


  • It may have a short USB/SSD memory life
  • Benchmark result is not compatible with the major version

Editors' Review

CrystalDiskMark is an open source disk drive benchmark tool for Microsoft Windows from Crystal Dew World. It generates read/write speeds in sequential and random positions with varying numbers of queues and threads. - by Wikipedia

Software Download: 

Click this link and open to Download CytalDiskMark

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Our Verdict: Why choose it?

With the support of this tool, you can measure sequential and random performance. We can also find various measure modes, and the best part is that it will support many languages compared to others.

3. Atto Disk Benchmark

It is said to be a freeware application that will be helpful for you to measure the system's storage performance along with transfer sizes. Even you can test lengths when it comes to read and write speeds. Here, you can find several options to customize performance measurement and more.

Atto Disk becnhmark


  • It transfers sizes from 512KB to 8MB.
  • Offer supports for overlapped I/O
  • Available of timed mode offers frequent testing
  • Supports different queue depths

Pros and Cons, and Editors' Review of Atto Disk Benchmark:

Expert's Rating:


  • Easy to scan the errors
  • It is a handy tool
  • It is lightweight


  • No availability of write test in the free version
  • The free version delivers fewer features

Editors' Review

ATTO Disk Benchmark is a software solution designed to help you measure the performance of your system, by running a series of tests to determine hard disk speed. - Reviewed by SOFTPEDIA

Software download: 

Click this link to Download Atto Disk Becnhmark

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Our Verdict: Why choose it?

The main reason for choosing this benchmark tool is its potential to handle performance measures of hard drive systems. At the same time, it also measures the system's individual reading and writing speeds.

4. HD Tune

It is a tool that comes up with various functions. Well, it will be helpful for you to measure the performance of your drive. You can also scan the errors and move ahead to check out the health status. You can even erase all the data securely.

Image of HD Tune


  • Easy to check out the general health of a hard drive
  • Allows performing a benchmark read test
  • Scan the errors

Pros and Cons, and Editors' Review of HD Tune:

Expert's Rating:


  • Simple to use
  • Features or customizable
  • Supports different hard drives


  • Personal use only at free of cost
  • Challenging to save information to a file directly

Editors' Review

HD Tune is a hard drive testing program for Windows that can check the general health of a hard drive, run a scan for errors, and perform a benchmark read test. - Reviewed by Lifewire

Software download: 

Click this link to Download HD Tune

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Our Verdict: Why choose it?

The main reason for choosing HD Tune benchmark is it will allow performing a benchmark test for all the drives installed on your PC. Also, it offers more detail on burst rate, access time, and transfer rate.

5. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

It will be helpful for you to test different connected storage devices when it comes to Windows PC. Yes, it enables you to perform respective HDD/SDD speed tests, U disk speed tests, and more.

Image of Balckmagic Disk speed Test


  • The tool comes up with two-speed gauges
  • It will help to measure both the read and write of the disk
  • Get better insights using several performance tests

Pros and Cons, and Editors' Review of Balckmagic Disk Speed Test:

Expert's Rating:


  • Easy to do a quick scan
  • Available for free
  • It is a most straightforward disk performance tool


  • Available of limited configuration options
  • It will not offer more performance information

Editors' Review

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test is designed to let you know how fast your drives are and report their speed changes over time. The app is free and installs easily. - Reviewed by DONWLOAD.CNET

Software download: 

Click this link to Download Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

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Our Verdict: Why choose it?

The primary purpose of choosing this is to fill in the free space when it comes to the disk along with the data sample and assess the write and read of a disk. It is also mainly used to benchmark hard disk performance for high-quality video.

What is an HDD Benchmark Tool?

It is an advanced disk test that will fall under the performance test. It is helpful to measure the speed of data transfer during the reading or writing the particular data to disks. You can also measure the speed during the transfer between hard disk drives and memory. It is also considered an essential thing to consider during performance speed. So, people who haven't been aware of the HDD benchmark tool for a long time can get through this in-depth discussion.

Benefits of Using HDD Benchmark Tool

Before using the HDD Benchmark tool, you must know more about its benefits. Hopefully, the benefits will help you gather in-depth knowledge about using the HDD Benchmark tool. Let's check out some of the benefits of this tool.

  • It will be challenging to explain Hard disk benchmarking to clients, and here HDD benchmark tool comes in and find the issues to fix, which may reflect on the performance.
  • The tool also optimizes the system settings to improve efficiency and speed.
  • The primary benefit of using this tool is that it can help compare the different complex disk models and brands and make you find the best for your budget according to your needs.
  • The best thing about the tool is you can easily monitor the hard disk's health and performance, which will help prevent data loss or failures.

How to Select the Best HDD Benchmark Tool? 2024 Checklist

When it comes to choosing the right tool, there are certain factors should be considered. Here are some tips we will share that will help you find the best tools.

👨‍💻Compatibility: Compatible with your system, be it Windows or macOS.
  • It will be helpful for you to do stress testing.
  • With the support of this tool, you can handle software audits.
  • Keep a tab on your storage device's life; an early warning can save a lot of data.
  • Ability to fix minor issues such as header corruption and file table issues.
✅Complexity: User-friendly interface, ease of use
💵Price: Free or Paid - whether the paid software is within your budget
☎️Tech Support: Instant customer support response and powerful tech support team.


So, people searching for the best HDD Benchmark tools for a long time can use the above-discussed five best recommendations.

However, when it comes to Windows, without any doubt, EaseUS Partition Master is the best and easiest HDD benchmark tool.

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On the other hand, for Mac, the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test tool is the best.

FAQs About HDD Benchmark Tools

Here is the list of commonly asked questions on HDD Benchmark Tools that will help you understand more about it.

Is CrystalDiskMark safe to benchmark an HDD?

When benchmarking a hard drive, CrystalDiskMark is a safe tool to use. It is a popular and widely used benchmarking tool for measuring sequential and random read and write speeds. There is no alteration or modification of data on the hard drive, so it is safe to use.

What factors could affect a hard drive disk's performance?

Some essential factors that could affect an HDD performance are cache, interface type, rotational speed, transfer rate, and actual capacity.

How to benchmark HDD performance on Mac?

Step 1: Open the Disk Utility app on your Mac (Available under the Utilities folder of Applications)

Step 2: Select the storage device for which you want to run the benchmark. 

Step 3: Click the First Aid button in the toolbar and select the Benchmark option.

Step 4: Choose the type of benchmark you want to run, such as sequential or random, and adjust the settings as needed.

Step 5: Click the Start" button to begin the benchmark test.

Once the test is complete, you can review the results to see how the HDD performed in terms of read and write speeds and other performance metrics.

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