How to Download iCloud Backup to PC in Every Way

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To download the icloud backup to your PC, there are three choices: EaseUS iCloud backup extractor,, and iCloud Control Panel. Using EaseUS iCloud backup extractor is the easiest way to selectively download the iCloud backup to your PC or Mac without an iPhone, iPad or iPod, while the last two iCloud methods are free.

Why Do You Need to Download iCloud Backup to PC
How to Download iCloud Backup to PC in 3 Ways

Why Do You Need to Download iCloud Backup to PC

iCloud is a cloud storage service developed by Apple for users to store data across their devices. With iCloud, you can back up your iPhone, iPad, iPod via iCloud without the computer and enjoy 5GB of free storage space. It also helps you to share your photos, calendars, locations, and more with your friends and families. Nowadays, iCloud has become the most popular backup solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod users. Since iCloud backup is so frequently used, it's not strange that there is the need to download iCloud backup to PC. There are three common reasons for you to do so:

Reason 1. Selectively Recover Files from iCloud Backup

Like iTunes backup, you can not access your data in the iCloud backup before you restore it to your iDevices or computer. Besides, if you turn on iCloud Backup on your iPhone, you can only restore the whole content in the backup to your iOS device when you need. If you want to selectively recover files from iCloud backup, you need to download the iCloud backup to your computer.

Reason 2. Free Up iCloud Space

As mentioned above, Apple provides you 5GB of free space, which is far from enough for you to store all the important files on your devices. To free up your iCloud space, it's a wise choice to download the iCloud backup, one of the biggest occupier of your iCloud storage, to your PC, and then delete the iCloud backup to get more space available.

Reason 3. Rescue Data After the Loss of iOS Device

When your iOS device get lost and you want to rescue your data, you can download the iCloud backup to your PC to achieve your goal on condition that you have enabled the option. Even without the device, you can get your iCloud backup back to your computer to retrieve your precious files.

Give the necessity, we will present you how to download the iCloud backup to PC and selectively extract your data from the backup file with reliable iPhone backup extractor,, or iCloud Control Panel. 

How to Download iCloud Backup to PC in 3 Ways

Although all the three ways detailed below will help you to get your iCloud backup onto your PC, each is suitable for different situations. Depending on the way you back up your iOS device, you may choose a different way to get things done.

If you toggled on the iCloud Backup option on your iOS device, and want to download the iCloud backup to your PC, only method 1 can meet your demands. 

Method 1. Download iCloud Photos to PC with EaseUS iCloud Backup Extractor

Not long ago, downloading iCloud backup to PC was a very demanding task, especially for non-technical users. But now it is not the case. We have been working very hard on creating an easy way to download and recover data from any iCloud backup and finally built EaseUS iCloud backup extractor, a utility makes iCloud backup accessible to everyone. The program allows you to easily save and retrieve your inestimable data stored in your iCloud backup and iTunes backup to PC or Mac. If you need to regain access to your Photos, Contacts, Calendar Appointments, SMS, Recordings, WhatsApp Messages, Videos, Voicemail, Notes, Call history or even Application data, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS iCloud backup extractor on your computer (Mac or PC), choose "Recover from iCloud Backup", and then sign in with your Apple ID.

Choose Recover from iCloud Backup to download iCloud backup to PC

Step 2. Select the right iCloud backup you want to extract, click "Scan" to download it to your computer and search lost data.

Select the right iCloud backup and download it to your computer

Step 3. After the scan, you can choose the right file types and click the specific item to preview the detailed information. And then choose the data and files you want to restore. Finally, click the "Recover" button to save them to your computer.

Preview and restore data from iCloud backup to computer.

If you have backed up your iPhone content selectively by turning on iCloud Photos or Contacts, you can download the iCloud backup to your PC using method 2 or method 3. 

Method 2. Download iCloud Backup to PC via

Like downloading iCloud photos to PC, you can download your iCloud backup, like contacts, to your PC via

For other categories, including Mail, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and more, you can only access and view them from instead of downloading them to your computer. Luckily, with Method 1, you can extract any file from your iCloud backup to your PC.

Step 1. On your PC, open a browser and visit

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 3. Click the category you want to download. Here, for example, Contacts.

Step 4. Select the items you want to download, click the "gear icon", then choose "Export vCard" to download the iCloud backup files to your computer.

How to download iCloud backup to PC

Method 3. Download iCloud Backup to PC via iCloud for Windows

If you have installed iCloud for Windows, you can also download the iCloud backup to your PC via the control panel. (Similarly, you can only download photos to your PC.)

Step 1. Turn on iCloud Photos on your iOS device.

Step 2. Go to iCloud Control Panel on your PC. Check "Photos", go to "Options", and check "iCloud Photo Library" > "Download new photos and videos to my PC".

Step 3. Go to "This PC" > "iCloud Photos" and choose "Downloads". You can see all the downloaded iCloud photos here.

Download iCloud Backup to PC

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