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How Can I Recover My Windows 10 Product Key from a Dead PC

How to get Win 10 license key from a dead laptop? Yesterday morning when I started my laptop (Dell 7140), it went into BSOD and will not restart after 100% data collection. I had to hold the power key for 10.15 sec to power it off. I powered it on again, and it went to BSOD a few seconds after the display of the DELL logo. The BSOD says PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR... Can someone suggest how I can get my license key from my WIN 10 system which cannot come up?

Suppose you are having a similar case that your computer or laptop seems dead or suddenly becomes unbootable. In that case, you want to find the Windows product key before system reinstallation, stay here. We'll be showing you the details of how to recover or retrieve the product key of Windows or installed applications from a dead or unbootable computer with ease. 

Let's get started.

4 Ways to Find Windows Product Key from a Dead PC

Here is a list of all possible ways that you can turn to and try each one of them to find a Windows product key from a dead computer or unbootable laptop:

  1. #1. COA 
  2. #2. Microsoft Account
  3. #3. Microsoft Support Team
  4. #4. Key Finder
  • Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/1/8/7, XP/Vista, and Windows Servers.
  • Applies to: Find Windows product key from a dead or unbootable computer.

Find Windows product key

EaseUS Editor's Pick:
For those who still keep Windows installation COA, or have Microsoft Accounts, try the first three methods.
For the quickest solution, Method 4, EaseUS Key Finder software is worthy of trying.

#1. Find Windows Product Key of A Dead PC from COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

  • Tool: Certificate of Authenticity 
  • Duration: 1 minute

The Certificate of Authenticity is also named a COA sticker which often comes with a Windows package. For example, when you purchase a Windows operating system like Windows 7, you'll get a package that includes the system installation CD, a COA sticker, and some documental files. 

The COA sticker is printed with the system product key number. So if you still have this sticker, here is how to find your product key of the dead Windows computer:

Step 1. Take out of the COA sticker.

Step 2. Check and find the Windows product key on the sticker.

Find product key from COA sticker

#2. Find Windows Product Key of Dead PC from Microsoft Account

  • Tool: Microsoft Account, user name, and password.
  • Duration: 1-2 minutes.

If you purchased a Windows system from the Microsoft Store, you could follow the steps here to restore the Windows key from your Microsoft Account:

Note that you need to use another healthy computer for help to do so.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Store.

Step 2. Log in with your Microsoft account, enter your user name and password.

Step 3. Go to Downloads Product Keys.

Step 4. Then check Subscription and click "Digital Content".

You should be able to find your Windows product key below this section.

Find Windows product key from Microsoft account

#3. Call Microsoft Support Team for Finding Windows Key

  • Tool: Telephone or email, Microsoft support team.
  • Duration: 2-5 minutes or days longer.

The last official way you can try is to contact the Microsoft support team for help. If you can get in touch with the Microsoft support team, their technical staff might help you find the Windows product key for your dead computer.

Step 1. Go to the Microsoft support page.

Step 2. Go and click Support.

Step 3. Tell the support team what happens to your computer and request help.

Find Windows Product key from Microsoft Support team

#4. Use Windows Product Key Viewer - EaseUS Key Finder Software

  • Tool: A new computer, a SATA data cable, Windows product key finder software.
  • Duration: 5 minutes or so.

Aside from the above three methods, we still have an easy and tricky solution to help you out. All you need is to turn to reliable Windows product key viewer - EaseUS key finder software also named EaseUS Key Finder for help.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Its product key feature enables you to scan and view the product key in only two steps. Here is how to do so:

First, Take Out the OS Drive from Dead PC

You need to uncover the computer case, find the system drive, and take it out of the dead PC.

Next, Connect the System Drive to a New Computer

Then, you'll need a SATA to USB 3.0 adapter to turn your hard drive or SSD into an external hard drive.

SATA to USB 3.0 connector

Last, Run EaseUS Key Finder Software to Find Windows Product Key

Now, you can run EaseUS Todo Key Finder with its Product Key feature to scan and restore the Windows product key for the dead PC:

Step 1. Take the OS hard drive off from your dead or unbootable PC, then connect it to a running computer via a SATA-USB cable as an external hard drive.

Connect OS drive to new computer via USB sata cable as external hard drive 

Step 2. Launch EaseUS Key Finder on the same new healthy computer, click "External Hard Drive", then select your dead or unbootable OS drive below the Choose a drive section. And click "Scan" to continue.

Or, you can browse to select the user account in the dead or unabootable OS drive under the Choose a Microsoft account section.

Locate the dead PC's OS drive

Step 3. Find important product keys from the dead or unbootable PC's OS drive.

1. To find Windows, Applications product keys or WiFi passwords: 

  • Click "Windows" or "Applications" >The Windows or applications' product keys or your WiFi passwords of the dead or unbootable PC will show up on the right pane.
  •  Click "Copy", "Print" or "Save" to back up the Windows or installed software product keys or WiFi passwords.
Find Windows, applications, or wifi code from dead or unbootable OS drive

2. To find browser's or your Windows Credentials' password:

  • Click "Internet & Network" or "Windows Credentials" on the left, and click "Verify Now".
Find browser or Windows Credentials' passwords
  • Put in your Microsoft account and password of the dead or unbootable PC for verification.
Input Windows account and password of dead or unabootable pc for verification
  • Then, you'll see all accounts and passwords that you saved in internet browsers or your PC. You can "Copy", "Print", or "Save" these accounts and passwords as a backup on your new computer.
Save and backup Windows browser or Windows credentials' passwords on new PC.


By following the above four methods, you can successfully find or recover the Windows product key from a dead or unbootable computer. 

Note that if you don't have the COA sticker or forgot your Microsoft account, you can directly turn to EaseUS Key Finder for help. It'll always be ready to help.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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