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10 Fixes to Solve Chromebook Black Screen [2023 Guide]

Is your Chromebook giving you a hard time with a black screen restricting your daily work regime? Are you looking for some quick fixes to solve Chromebook Black Screen issues? Find out some quick fixes below to deal with the problem.

Rel   |   Sep 21, 2023

Monster Hunter Rise Save File Location [Detailed Information]

Monster Hunter Rise is an action game worth spending a lot of energy on exploration. However, in order to prevent all our efforts from being lost, it is very necessary to find Monster Hunter Rise save file location and carry out a backup plan for game data. This article will give you a detailed guide!

Rel   |   Sep 19, 2023

[Detailed Guide] HP Laptop Won't Turn On But Power Light Is On

If your HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on, it could halt your daily work. The exact reason is hard to figure out, but it is better to fix the issues and get back to work. This article has simple solutions to fix an HP laptop won't turn on but the power light is on.

Rel   |   Aug 24, 2023

All About Samsung SSD Reset Tool | Full Guide

Samsung SSD reset tool is a convenient utility. This article will review it briefly and show you how you can reset your SSD using it.

Rel   |   Aug 15, 2023

Resident Evil 4 Save File Location & Config File Location [All You Want to Know]

Resident Evil 4 Remake is an excellent game work with great sincerity from Capcom. To facilitate the player backup of game progress, this post introduces the Resident Evil 4 save file location, guides players on how to find the config file, and shows the corresponding game save backup method.

Rel   |   Aug 01, 2023

Detailed Guides to Fix FIFA 23 Career Mode Not Saving

As the last series of FIFA football simulation games, FIFA 23 still shows its unique charm, but the problems exposed in the previous series still exist - FIFA 23 career mode not saving. But don't worry. This post will show you 9 solutions to this problem and give you the best FIFA 23 saves backup plan.

Rel   |   Jul 21, 2023

[Problem Solved] How to Install Mods in Sims 4 in 2023

Sims 4 is the most classic business simulation game. Players can build a personalized world and simulate their sims' life. To enrich the game content, many players have created Mods to enrich the settings of Sims 4, greatly increasing the game's playability. This article will introduce you to how to install mods in Sims 4 and how to back up Sims 4 files.

Rel   |   Jul 21, 2023

Call of Duty Warzone File Location [All You Want to Know]

As a free first-person shooting game, COD: Warzone continues to attract countless new players. However, due to its unique game platform limitations, many players cannot find the file location on their PC. This article will show you how to find the original file location, change the file location, and back up COD files easily.

Rel   |   Jul 21, 2023

5 Best S3 Backup Software [Can't Miss]

Do you need S3 backup software? Are you confused about how to choose the best one? Don't worry. In this post, we will discuss the concept of Amazon S3, review the five best tools, and clearly list their advantages and disadvantages to help you successfully select the most suitable S3 backup software.

Rel   |   Jul 20, 2023

How to Fix It: Your Hard Drive Is Full Battle Net

When you want to download a new game on, the platform pushes you an error code BLZBNTBTS0000000C and prompts you that Your hard drive is full. What should you do? This article will provide a comprehensive solution to the insufficient drive space issue and a good way to back up files to ensure your gaming experience.

Rel   |   Jul 20, 2023

How to Load Old Cyberpunk 2077 Saves on Xbox

With the epic update of Cyberpunk 2077, the next-gen version of the game has added more rich playing methods. However, for most players who have played the previous version, how to load the old saves in the new version has become a big problem. This article will bring a new solution to Xbox players. To ensure data security, we suggest you back up your saves.

Rel   |   Jul 20, 2023

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