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Rel has always maintained a strong curiosity about the computer field and is committed to the research of the most efficient and practical computer problem solutions.

Rel joined EaseUS in 2022 and has one year of SEO experience. As an SEO writer, Rel is good at writing articles about data security and computer information.
Rel graduated from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor's degree in English. She is keen to provide readers with high-quality computer solutions to further ensure their data security.
During her break, Rel likes sports and fitness. She thinks nothing is more important than health.

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How to Clone Samsung M.2 SSD?

How to Clone Sangsung M.2 SSD? Why the Samsung Data Migration can't work? Don't worry, this short post will show you the right solution.

Rel   |   Feb 22, 2024

How to Backup Wallpaper Engine?

How to Backup Wallpaper Engine? Where to find its file location? EaseUS will bring you all useful tips about these questions in this short post.

Rel   |   Feb 22, 2024

Best Samsung T7 Backup Software Recommended | Never Miss

Samsung T7 backup software is one of the debates for T7 SSD users. This article will help you find the right alternative to Samsung’s backup software and explain why backing up your T7 SSD is important.

Rel   |   Feb 21, 2024

So Simple | How to Clone Hard Drive without Removing It

How to clone hard drive without removing it? If you aim to clone your hard drive in order to back up your file, migrate system transfer data to a new device, or just want to recover data from a broken disk, you can use EaseUS Disk Copy and follow the method this post provides.

Rel   |   Feb 06, 2024

How to Clone Hard Drive with Bootable USB | Full Guide

Are you thinking about how to clone hard drive with bootable USB? This post aims to give you the full guide to cloning a hard drive with a bootable USB. We introduce the things you should do before cloning and recommend a free-download but extraordinary clone tool EaseUS Disk Copy to overcome all cloning issues.

Rel   |   Feb 06, 2024

What Are the Windows Server Backup Types?

What are the Windows Server Backup types? Do you know what the most common backup types are? What is the best Windows Server backup solution? This short post can show you the answers.

Rel   |   Jan 31, 2024

Do You Need Avast with Windows 10?

Do you need Avast with Windows 10? Is there a built-in antivirus function in Windows 10? Should you choose Avast or Windows Defender? Read this short post and get the answers.

Rel   |   Jan 31, 2024

Do I Need McAfee with Windows 11?

Do I need McAfee to with Windows 11? Is Windows Defender enough to protect my computer? Should I install additional antivirus software? This post will bring you the answers.

Rel   |   Jan 31, 2024

How to Check If Recovery USB Works?

After making a recovery USB, you may want to know how to check if the recovery USB works. Read this short post, and we will give you some advice.

Rel   |   Jan 31, 2024

How to Use HP Recovery USB?

If your Windows system suddenly crashes, how to use HP recovery USB to restore your HP computer? This short post guide you to fix this problem.

Rel   |   Jan 31, 2024

How Big Is a Windows 11 Recovery USB?

Do you want to create your recovery USB but don't know what capacity of blank USB flash drive to prepare? Read this post, and you will know how big is a windows 11 recovery USB.

Rel   |   Jan 31, 2024

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