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What Is Novo Button

The Novo button is a button or small pinhole that Lenovo-branded PCs will come with. 

It has the ability of Onekey recovery software, which can perform a system recovery, set the boot menu, or help you enter BIOS through the Novo Button Menu when your computer cannot boot as usual. The button menu may vary depending on the PC model or software version.

novo button menu

Where to Find Novo Button

You can usually find the Novo button near the PC power button, as shown in the following figure.

novo button nears the power button

But sometimes, due to differences in Lenovo computer models, the position of the Novo button may also change, and it may appear on the left or right side of the computer. 

However, it is not difficult to find the Novo button, as its position is indicated by a curved arrow next to it.

novo button nears a curved arrow icon

How Does Novo Button Work

OneKey Recovery

OneKey Recovery is a backup and recovery software that Lenovo pre-installs on some computers. Lenovo laptops with OneKey Recovery software installed include a hidden partition on the factory disk, which saves system image files and OneKey Recovery system program files. This software can be very helpful when resetting and restoring your computer system.

onekey recovery software

But in case your computer fails to start due to unknown reasons, you will not be able to use OneKey Recovery. At this point, the Lenovo Novo button can play its role.

Press the Novo Button

When your Lenovo computer cannot start properly, please press the Novo button near the power button. 

If your computer's Novo Button is not a small button but a small hole, then you need to use a sharp object like the tip of an unfolded paper clip to prick the hole gently.

press the novo button

Afterward, the computer screen will light up, and you will see the Novo Button Menu on the screen.

Enter System Recovery

When the Novo Button Menu pops up, choose the System Recovery option and press the Enter key. Then the recovery partition will boot, and the OneKey Recovery will show up.

Now Lenovo users can choose the Image> Start button and wait for the resetting process to end. With the help of the Novo button, Lenovo users can reset their Lenovo laptops with OneKey Recovery without data loss.


When your Lenovo PC cannot boot properly, the Novo button function developed by Lenovo can help you solve this urgent problem.

This post has introduced what the Novo button is, where can find the Novo button on Lenovo PC, and how the Novo button works for you. After reading this post, you can get everything you need from the Novo button with great ease.

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