What Is the Recovery Key for Lenovo Laptop? 

Recently, my Lenovo laptop suddenly had a system problem and could not be booted. I originally wanted to send the computer to a professional maintenance department for repair, but my friend told me that the Lenovo has a built-in recovery key. So what is the recovery key for Lenovo? And Can it fix my system problem?

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The recovery key for Lenovo laptops actually has a more commonly used name - Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

Lenovo OneKey Recovery is an application pre-installed on Lenovo computers that can help Lenovo users back up and recover their computers. When the hard disk is delivered from the factory, Lenovo sets a hidden partition containing the system image file and the program data for one-click recovery of the system. But for security reasons, this partition is hidden. You need to press F11 to enter it.

You can use Lenovo OneKey Recovery to back up your Lenovo system, and click Start>All programs>Lenovo>Lenovo OneKey Recovery>System Backup to achieve that.

On the other hand, if your Lenovo laptop cannot boot, you can click the Novo button, which can run the Lenovo OneKey Recovery, and quickly recover your computer.

However, although Lenovo OneKey Recovery is very practical, it also has certain defects. Lenovo OneKey Recovery cannot be used on computers of other brands and is unstable. The most important thing is that if you use it to create a system backup, the previous backup on the disk will be deleted.

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