How to Backup Don't Starve World?

Hi, I'm trying to back up Don't Starve World, but there is no direct button in the game, so I'm looking for help from everyone. Any replies I would greatly appreciate!

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Rel· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Hello! I think I can help you. Backing up Don't Starve World is very simple, but since there are currently many users other than Steam players who play Don't Starve based not on Steam. 

📍For different versions of the game, it's not the same file location. Based on your question, I can't analyze which kind of player you are, but I will share both different methods with you.

First, those who got the game from Steam can follow the 3 steps below to back up Don't Starve World.

Step 1. Navigate to Steam> userdata> folder named from numbers> 219740> remote.

Step 2. Open the folder, and check if there are any files named profile, survival_1, or some name similar to these. These files represent the data for your game World.

Step 3. Once you have confirmed that these files exist, go back to the Userdata directory and back up the entire folder.

📍For the non-Steam game version, all the steps are quite the same as the above method. All you need to change is the file location. 

You should go to Your Documents folder> Klei> DoNotStarve> save, to find Don't Starve saves and back up the folder.

In addition, here is a very useful tool that will help you simplify the backup process - EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

As an experienced gamer, EaseUS Todo Backup Home is the perfect tool for backing up all my game files. I can responsibly say that both its great backup performance, automatic backup features, and incremental backup mode make it extremely gamer-friendly.

I recommend you use it to back up Don't Starve World, it will customize the backup solution for you that best suits you and the game.

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