How to Check If Recovery USB Works?

I just made a recovery USB for my Windows system, but I don't know if there are any mistakes in my operation. How to check if the recovery USB works? Is there any method for reference?

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Rel· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Sorry, if you do not try to use the USB to recover the system, you cannot test whether the recovery USB works properly.

You can try to use the first two steps of using your recovery USB to reinstall the system to check whether your USB can work.

Step 1. Connect the recovery USB to your PC

Step 2. Select language and keyboard layout while entering the Windows Recovery Environment.

If you can successfully complete these two steps, it means that your recovery USB can work. However, you need to note that you should not continue the following process that will successfully restore the system, which will cause you to lose all the data previously saved on the computer.

Because restoring the system will cause you to lose all the previous data, so you must back up your important data before taking action. EaseUS Todo Backup Home can easily help you with your backup work. Whether it's your files, disks, system image, or some computer app data, it can quickly complete the backup task.

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To sum up, you can check if your recovery USB works. But for your data security, you must remember to make a data backup before restoring the system. You can store all copies in the free cloud space of EaseUS Todo Backup and quickly recover all data after reinstalling the system.

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