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Are you looking for great snapshot backup software? This page provides you with 5 top snapshot backup software for users from different systems. Read all information the post shows, and you can find the one which suits you more according to your personal needs.

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What is Snapshot

For a computer system, a snapshot is an "image" that can represent the state of the system at a characteristic point in time. When you want to restore the system, your snapshot will be used to restore the system to the state it was in when the snapshot was taken, thus protecting the computer from data corruption or hardware failure.

How Do Snapshots Work?

When the snapshot is created, the underlying system will create a differential disk that is bounded to the original virtual hard disk. This method can ensure that all data written in the future is directed to the differential disk, thus keeping the contents of the original virtual hard disk unchanged.

how do snapshots work

As the file system continues to run, multiple snapshots are created at different points in time and provide multiple branches for the file system. Because of this, snapshots can help restore recently modified data or restore the system state.

What is Snapshot Backup

Snapshot backup can also be referred to as image backup, it is a type of backup copy. It does not store data but plays its role by defining the location and mode of data storage.

When Do People Need Snapshot Backup?

In the process of using the computer, you will inevitably encounter many kinds of situations that require snapshot backup. For example, the system cannot be started; virus intrusion causes system error; inadvertent deletion of important documents. Snapshot backup can ensure that your system or files are successfully restored to the state before the failure, so it is necessary to have snapshot backups.

Best 5 Snapshot Backup Software 

Typically, the snapshot is created using disk or system imaging. However, most backup software can also take snapshot backups and help system image recovery or system restore in a more efficient and convenient way.

Here are 5 of the best snapshot backup software in the market, and this post lists their respective details. Read on and find the software that suits you most!

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise [Most Recommended]

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is our most recommended snapshot backup software. It makes it easy to create an automatic backup schedule that includes an entire system, an entire drive or partition, or even a single file. 

easeus todo backup enterprise

The backup solution provided by it is simple, efficient, and powerful, and can protect businesses of all sizes and servers with full, incremental and differential backups. At the same time, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is a user-friendly software that can help you quickly create snapshot backups with just a few clicks.

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Supported system:

Windows 11/10/8/7

Main features:

  • Offers SQL/Exchange Server Backup
  • Provides the one-click system clone and disk clone
  • Allows users to run the software before Windows starts
  • local and offsite backups


Need to log in with email

Here are the simple steps for you to know how EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise backup the system.

MSP360 Managed Backup

MSP360 Managed Backup is a powerful snapshot backup software, which can easily back up or restore your data. It can restore server images to VMware, Hyper-V, and cloud-based virtual machines. This means that if you use this backup solution, you can start and run your server immediately in the event of a crash. However, it should be noted that MSP360 does not provide cloud storage, but allows you to store data in the cloud solution you choose.

msp360 managed backup

Supported system:

Windows, Linux, macOS

Main features:

  • offers 65 storage destinations(Amazon S3, OneDrive, and so on)
  • Supports item-level restore from the image backup
  • Covers almost all mixed storage scenarios


The lack of phone support

Paragon Backup & Recovery Business

Paragon Backup&Recovery Business has a good reputation and long history in the field of data backup and recovery and provides a good solution for users seeking simple snapshot Backup methods. It supports users to set backup schedules and has an extremely intuitive operation interface, which is suitable for most small and midsize companies.

paragon backup&recovery business

Supported system:

Windows 11/10/8/7

Main features:

  • Has the ability to rebuild entire disks and partitions
  • Can automatically create a bootable environment
  • Supports many advanced backup options


No continuous options for folders

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect is one of the famous backup software. It provides a fully functional backup solution with high security. It can increase the protection of private encryption keys, monitor your data for abnormal file modifications, and help you prevent the intrusion of ransomware.

acronis cyber protect

Supported system:

Windows, macOS

Main features:

  • Provide anti-ransomware software technology
  • Supports Facebook and Instagram backup
  • Has a unique data protection map


High Price


Backblaze is one of the top brands in the cloud backup field. It is most praised for providing unlimited backup storage space and ease of operation. Backblaze's backup method is simple and direct, which is more suitable for novice operations. However, more advanced users may not be able to find more control flow snapshot backup methods in Backblaze.


Supported system:

Windows 11/10/8/7, macOS

Main features:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Provides private encryption keys and two-factor authentication
  • Suitable for beginners


Licenses are for just one PC


For computers, snapshot backup can not only maintain data security but also help users restore system status. This article introduces you to the five best snapshot backup software, among which EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is outstanding. You can use this software to easily and quickly complete all backup plans without being attacked by viruses or blackmail software.

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Is snapshot backup a full backup?

No, it is not.  Snapshot backup only provides system state data at a certain point in time. At the same time, the snapshot itself is not a backup, it is only an important part of the system backup process. So snapshot backup is not a full backup.

What are the types of snapshots?

Snapshots have 4 types.

Copy-on-write: Include metadata describing data blocks that have changed since the creation.

Redirect-on-write: When creating a new block, write the snapshot once.

Continuous data protection: Snapshot created in actual time. The snapshot of the original copy is updated with each change.

Mirror/clone/replication: Clone/mirror is the same copy of the storage unit, while replication is a form that can protect data.

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