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Time Machine is the most commonly used backup software for Mac users to ensure the security of data on MacBook. But for many novice Mac users, they are not familiar with Time Machine. Is Time Machine safe? Is Time Machine a full backup? Is Time Machine free to use? 

This article will tell you Time Machine is trustworthy enough from a security point of view and provides you with its best backup alternatives.

What Is Time Machine

Time Machine is a built-in backup program provided by MacOS and can back up data on your Macbook, including music, photos, videos, emails, and so on.

It represents a breakthrough in automatic backup function. All you should do is connect an external hard drive on your Mac, select it as your storage destination, and set up what you want to back up. 

Afterward, You can set up hourly, daily, or weekly backup cycles, and this great tool will automatically backup files to your external hard drive

time machine

If you want to build your own Time Machine backup schedule, you also can choose to turn off automatic copies and create backup tasks manually.

Once you've backed up Mac data, you can quickly go back and recover any files when the original is permanently deleted or wiped out by some computer virus or malicious program. Time Machine takes snapshots of your Mac when you create a backup, so with its help, you can easily recover target files or folders or even recover an entire disk.

In addition to backing up data inside your Mac, Time Machine can also back up external hard drives. Do not pass the following post for more details.

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The Advantage of Time Machine

  • ✔️Totally free
  • ✔️Easy to Use
  • ✔️Offers backup previews
  • ✔️Provides Time Machine auto-backup schedule

The Disadvantage of Time Machine

Is Time Machine Safe to Use

After knowing the general information about Time Machine, you may have the urge to use Time Machine to back up your files but might be worried about its security.

Is Time Machine safe to use? The answer is undoubtedly Yes. Time Machine is very safe. It's free software built into your computer by Apple for all Mac users from a clean and reliable source. Without downloading, it's already on your system when you buy it. Time Machine is not a virus and poses absolutely no threat.

You can use it to copy your files and disks and encrypt your backups with the help of Time Machine to keep your privacy safe and secure.

However, before you decide to use Time Machine as your usual backup assistant, you must first realize the limitations it has.

  • Time Machine doesn't back up everything. It can only work with normal files, and cannot back up system logs, built-in applications, temporary files, iCloud, Trash contents, etc. If you want to copy all the contents of your entire PC, it won't help you.
  • Time Machine is not stable. Mac users often encounter many bugs, such as Time Machine can't find backup disk, Time Machine restore button greyed out, etc.

So, although Time Machine is very secure and trustworthy, its current drawbacks are also very obvious. If you are looking for a more ideal, practical, and intelligent backup assistant, let's meet the best Time Machine alternative.

Best Time Machine Alternative Recommended

As mentioned, Time Machine is unstable and has only simple backup features. If you want to create a more intelligent backup plan for your Mac, you can try the best Time Machine alternative - EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac.

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac is a more professional backup program than Time Machine and offers extremely rich backup features and custom settings.

Like Time Machine, EaseUS supports totally automatic backup schedules and allows users to set different lengths of backup cycles according to their preferred backup rhythm.

It supports creating various types of backups and is powerful enough to help you create full copies of all files or applications for your entire PC. Moreover, it can come in handy for migrating systems, creating SD card images, cloning hard drives, etc.

Key features of EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac

  • Backup and Restore
  • 250G Free Cloud Storage Provided
  • Multiple Backup Types
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Compress Backup
  • File/Folder Sync
  • AI Smart Backup
  • Disk Clone
  • Prime Technical Support
  • Security Zone Backup
  • Backup Notification
  • Multiple Mac Systems Supported

Check the tutorial offered below to learn how to back up your Mac with this alternative.

Step 1. Launch and run EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac.
Click the first Backup tab or simply click the + button in the bottom-left corner to create a backup project - name the backup project and click OK.

Set up to backup Mac data without Time Machine.

Step 2. Set up the backup destination where you want to store Mac files as backups, automatic backup frequency, etc and click OK.

Backup Mac data without Time Machine.

Step 3. Add files and folders to the backup project.
Click File+ to selectively choose files and folders to add to the backup and click the blue start button to back up your Mac to another drive or external device.

Backup Mac files and data with Time Machine alternative software.


Is Time Machine Safe? After you have read our post, you will know the answer is absolutely yes. Time Machine is a reliable but free built-in program for Mac users to back up their data easily and. But although it is good enough, you can not pass its disadvantages.

As the best alternative to Time Machine, EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac can be the better choice for creating advanced backup plans.

To get more Mac tips, do not pass the post below!


1. Where is Time Machine on Mac?

You can navigate to Apple Menu> System Preferences> Time Machine, and now you will find the Time Machine icon here.

2. Does Time Machine backup applications?

In fact, Time Machine can back up the apps you downloaded, but cannot back up any built-in applications.

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EaseUS Todo Backup For Mac

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  • Compress backups to save storage space.
  • Encrypt your backup to protect privacy.