How to Clone Windows 10 to SSD with GParted?

I have a Surface Pro X with 256GB of storage, and as I use it more and more, I simply don't have enough memory, so I plan to upgrade the SSD in Surface Pro X. What should I do? Any suggestions will be great!

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Rel· Answered on Jan 31, 2024

Indeed, as your friend said, GParted is a free and useful tool for managing hard drives, resizing partitions, copying partitions, freeing up disk space, and other tasks. GParted is really a good choice for you if you want to accomplish the goal of cloning Windows 10 to your new SSD.

📍You can follow the steps I provided to complete the whole cloning process easily:

Step 1. Download the GParted Live ISO image from its official website.

Step 2. Create a bootable USB and boot your PC from it.

Step 3. Run GParted while the GParted Live environment loads. Select the HDD you plan to clone as the source disk. 

Step 4. Right-click on the source disk and hit the Copy option.

Step 5. Connect the new SSD you prepared to the PC. Select it in GParted, right-click it, and select the Paste option.

Step 6. Choose the Manage Flags option and ensure that the Boot flag is checked.

Step 7. Right-click on the SSD again and choose Resize/Move.

Step 8. Now click the Apply button on the main GParted page. And the cloning will be finished.

Of course, as you should have discovered from the 7 steps I have provided, GParted has some drawbacks. It is a bit complicated and not beginner friendly. It requires some knowledge of partitions and files systems, and the whole cloning process is not that easy.

If you are not that good with computers, then a more novice-friendly tool like EaseUS Disk Copy might be a better choice.

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EaseUS Disk Copy is an excellent disk cloning software that allows users to copy, clone, or upgrade all common storage media. In addition to basic cloning functions, it also excels in system migration, disk replacement, cloning disks with bad sectors, etc. It is one of the best alternatives to GParted.

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