Do You Need Avast with Windows 10?

Well, I bought a new Windows 10 computer and want to download Avast as before to protect my computer. But at this time, my friend told me there was no need to use Avast. Windows 10 came with an antivirus function. Does this function work? Do I still need Avast? Please share your ideas. Thanks a lot!

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Rel· Answered on Jan 18, 2023

Whether you still need antivirus protection software like Avast may depend on the network environment you face. If viruses and malware often threaten you, it is necessary to purchase professional antivirus software like Avast. According to the relevant tests of AV-compatibilities, Avast's detection rate of malware is 100%, which can bring the most powerful protection to your system. But if you rarely do some dangerous online operations and just want antivirus software to maintain the daily security of the system, you do not need to buy any additional antivirus software.

The Windows built-in antivirus function refers to Windows Defender, a free but reliable antivirus software pre-installed in Windows 10. According to the relevant tests of AV-compatibilities, the detection rate of Windows Defender for malicious software is 95%, indicating that it can meet the needs of most users for antivirus.

However, the data in the computer is priceless, and we should not take only one security measure.

Compared with installing another antivirus software like Acast, I recommend using EaseUS Todo Backup, professional backup software. It can automatically create replicas of your system, disk, file, and even APP data. You can save these backups in the 250GB of free cloud space it provides. Once the virus breaks through the defense line of Windows Defender, you don't need to panic. You can restore the system to its previous health without losing any data.

In short, whether Avast is needed depends on the virus risk that your computer will bear. If you just need simple but reliable antivirus measures, Windows Defender, the antivirus software that comes with Windows, can meet your needs without purchasing Avast.

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