Do We Still Need Antivirus Protection Software?

I was reading about what to do with a new build and what applications to install once you start up on a site. Some people in the comment sections said that an antivirus wouldn't be necessary. However, I was unsure if I needed to do so because I had just gotten my new build to work. So, do we still need antivirus protection software?

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Jerry· Answered on Oct 18, 2023

To some extent, antivirus software is essential. However, I do not advise spending much money on expensive antivirus software. If you use Windows 8 or later, you must be familiar with Defender; all you need to do is keep it up to date.

The user's level of computing security expertise and the operating system you are utilizing are two of the most crucial factors. Antivirus software has risks; with some training, most individuals should not use antivirus software. Although you are not required to have one, it does add a layer of security. If you use Windows, you can use Windows Defender because it is cost-free and reliable.

For example, a PC or laptop running Linux hardly ever contains antivirus software. There is no gain, and there are huge drawbacks. Antivirus software is a closed-source application that runs rules it downloads from an internet server. There are many accounts of security breaches brought on by antivirus software and other problems.

Microsoft's antivirus software is good enough and does not attempt to profit from you or create FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Therefore, I recommend using Microsoft antivirus on Windows.

Windows Defender is an effective security tool that provides a respectable level of protection overall. But it's not perfect; taking additional measures is crucial. Therefore, if you currently have Windows Defender enabled for real-time protection, there is no need to buy any additional antivirus software. However, especially regarding your priceless computer data, you should never rely on just one type of security!

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