What Will I Lose from Windows 10 If I Upgrade to Windows 11?

I have used Windows 10 for 7 years and want to upgrade it to Windows 11 for new features. But I worry that I will lose my data if I do so. What will I lose from Windows 10 if I upgrade to Windows 11? Any suggestion will be helpful.

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Jerry· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

The answer is No. Upgrading your computer's operating system from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will not erase your files.

You won't lose anything if you choose "Keep personal files and apps" during Windows Setup. You need to have access to all user files once accessible in Windows 10 after the update is finished. Some system files will have changed with the upgrade to the new OS. Therefore, having the original files available for use may be beneficial.

It's vital to consider the changes that come with Windows 11 and how they can impact your devices and workflow before upgrading. If you choose to upgrade, back up any crucial data to avoid potential data loss and check for hardware or software compatibility issues beforehand.

The best way to back up your data is to use professional backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup. This is because such a tool can offer many advanced backup features and options, such as Cloud storage and backup encryption.

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In addition, it lets you transfer your operating system from one computer to another and clone a hard drive for backup and recovery. Lastly, it offers you 250G free cloud storage to back up your files to Cloud.

Generally speaking, upgrading Windows 10 to 11 will not delete data on your computer. But it would be best to back up your data before upgrading to prevent any potential data loss.

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