Do I Need McAfee with Windows 11?

Good afternoon! I bought a new PC with Windows 11, but now I have a problem. Do I need McAfee with Windows 11? I know that Windows comes with an anti-virus function, but I'm still afraid that some viruses or malicious software will threaten my data. Those files are very important to me. But is it too exaggerated to install additional antivirus software? I don't know what to do, please give me some suggestions!

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Rel· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

From my point of view, you do not need McAfee with Windows 11. You only need Windows Defender to protect your PC from viruses and malicious software, and use professional backup software to keep your files safe.

For many years, Microsoft has been providing antivirus protection for users. Windows Defender is built into the Windows system and has a malware detection rate of more than 95%. It is considered the best free antivirus software. As a professional anti-virus software, McAfee has more advanced functions, which can minimize the possibility that your computer will suffer from malicious risks.

However, if you only use your computer normally, never go to dangerous websites, and never download files from unknown sources, you may not need additional antivirus software. Windows Defender features are not so comprehensive, but it is sufficient for daily protection.

According to your words, you actually need to install additional professional backup software, such as EaseUS Todo Backup. Virus intrusion is only one of the factors threatening data security. If you want to avoid data loss or crashes of your important files, it is very necessary to back up your files. 

EaseUS Todo Backup can automatically back up all kinds of data on your computer and create a scheduled backup plan. You can save a copy of the data to the cloud space provided for free, and even if your computer suffers from a virus crisis, you can use this software to recover all data anytime.

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