HP Laptop Won't Turn On But Power Light Is On [Detailed Guide]

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  1. 1. Restart Computer
  2. 2. Check External Disks and Devices
  3. 3. Check the Battery
  4. 4. Hard Reset HP Laptop
  5. 5. Enter Safe Mode
  6. 6. Refresh or Reset HP Laptop
  7. 7. Drain Static Charge and Loading Default BIOS
  8. 8. Update BIOS on HP Laptop

It can be really frustrating to see a Windows 10 or Windows 11 black screen no cursor.  Recently HP laptop users have complained that "HP laptops won't turn on but power light is on" issue and are left wondering how to get the screen back on.

In this article, we will see the reasons and effective solutions to fix the "HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on" issue.

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Why Your HP Laptop Won't Turn On But Power Light Is On

Well, the exact reason for the "HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on" is unknown. But some of the most common reasons causing the black laptop screen are listed below.

  • A damaged or worn-out battery.
  • A faulty OS or hardware component.
  • Issues with new hardware or software installed.
  • External hardware or device issues.
  • BIOS settings problems.
  • HP laptop screen is broken.

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How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen But Has Power

Here are some of the fixes you can try to get your screen back on if you are facing HP laptop black screen.

1. Restart Computer

A simple restart does a lot of wonders for electronic gadgets. It gives the OS a fresh start and resolves minor issues. The HP laptop not turning on sometimes may occur due to minor inconveniences while loading the programs, so a restart reloads the programs and solves the problem.

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2. Check External Disks and Devices

Faulty external devices connecting to your laptop may also affect your laptop and cause my computer to show a black screen even with power on issue.

Step 1. Shut down your laptop.

Step 2. Remove all the external devices and disks connected to the laptop.

Step 3. Check if the laptop turns on now.

  • If it turns on, to find the faulty external device, connect external devices one after the other and find the culprit.
  • If not, move to the next solution.
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3. Check the Battery

Steps to check if the battery is working properly:

Step 1. Shut down and remove the battery from your HP laptop.

Step 2. Find a functioning outlet and check if the laptop with no battery is working with an ac adapter.

Step 3. If yes, the battery is damaged, replace it with the new one.

If not, place the battery in the laptop and move to the next solution.

4. Hard Reset HP Laptop

Step 1. Power off your HP laptop and remove external devices.

Step 2. Remove the battery and hold the power button for 15 seconds to drain the overall charge.

Step 3. Install the battery and reconnect the charger, and power on your HP laptop.

Step 4. Click Continue on the screen, select Start Windows Normally options, and Press Enter.

You can avoid doing this if you have a non-removable battery, as it can void your warranty or potentially ruin your device. Just long-press the power button for 8-10 seconds and restart after a while.

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5. Enter Safe Mode

If your HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on, you can still use your laptop in safe mode. If you boot in safe mode, it removes all the problematic programs and drives and allows you to create a new users account in case of a corrupted original account.

Step to enter safe mode on HP laptop:

Step 1. Remove external disks and devices from the computer and restart.

Step 2. Just after the restart, before HP or Windows logo appears, Press the f8 key repeatedly.

Step 3. Select the Safe mode with Networking when prompted.

enter safe mode

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6. Refresh or Reset HP Laptop

Step 1. To Refresh your HP Laptop, Open the Choose an option screen on your laptop.

Step 2. Select Troubleshoot > Refresh your PC or Reset your PC > Next.

refresh or reset hp laptop

Step 3. Wait until the laptop starts successfully.

7. Drain Static Charge and Loading Default BIOS

Step 1. Long-press the power button for 15 seconds.

Step 2. Press Esc or F10 to invoke the BIOS settings menu.

Step 3. Select the restore to default from the options and click Enter.

Step 4. Exit the BIOS settings and restart the laptop.

8. Update BIOS on HP Laptop

Steps to Update BIOS on HP laptop.

Step 1. Connect your laptop to a working power source.

Step 2. Press and hold the Windows + B keys at once.

Step 3. While holding Windows + B, Press and hold the Power button for 1 second.

Step 4. Now, release all the keys, and the power light flashes.

Step 5. The laptop screen will remain blank for 40 seconds.

update bios on hp laptop

Step 6. The HP BIOS update screen appears and begins the BIOS update process.

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Things You Should Do After Solving the Problem

If your HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on issue is resolved, do these steps to avoid such errors in the future.

1. Back up Your HP Laptop Now

Issues like the HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on may result in loss of data while trying to fix the issue. The best thing you can do to safeguard your data is back it up. And an efficient tool that can help your back up your data and restore it seamlessly using advanced technologies is EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home, one of the best auto-backup software, specializes in providing efficient backup strategies and restoration management. This software applies the advanced 3-2-1 backup rule to offer systems, disk/partition, file backup, and many more. With the ability to clone, upgrade and transfer systems, it also acts as a reliable hard drive cloning tool. You can also access features like creating bootable disks, mounting ISO images, and smart recovery environment

Key features of EaseUS Todo Backup:

  • Award-Winning Automatic backup solutions for all situations.
  • Reliable hard disk cloning tool for upgrades and duplications.
  • Provides multiple backup modes and supports users in creating a scheduled backup plan.
  • Supports multi-path cloud storage and offers its own free 250GB cloud space.

Let's follow the detailed tutorial below to back up your HP PC now after solving the black screen problem.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and choose "Create Backup" on the home page, click "Select backup contents".

create system backup step1

Step 2. Among the four available categories, click "OS" to start back up.

create system backup step2

Step 3. The system partition will be automatically selected, you only need to select the location.

create system backup step3

Step 4. Local Drive, Cloud, and NAS are available for you to save the backup file. You can also connect an external hard drive to preserve the system backup files.

create system backup step5

Step 5. You can customize the settings in "Options" at the left bottom. After that, click "Backup Now", and the process will begin.

create system backup step 5

*After finishing the backup process, you can check the backup status, recover, open, or delete the backup by right-clicking the backup task on the left.

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2. Update Available Device Drivers

The drivers are a medium of communication between the hardware and software, so it is important that they are up-to-date and not faulty. Well, you can update or fix the drivers both manually and automatically.

Find the manufacturers of the drivers and update them to fix them manually, there are a plethora of tools that will do the job of finding the perfect drivers and updating them. Make use of those tools to get the job done automatically.

The final verdict

The exact reason for the HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on is unknown, so all we can do is work around some effective solutions to get your laptop back to work like normal. This article has fixes to solve HP laptop won't turn on but power light is on and backup software EaseUS Todo Backup Home to safeguard your important data in case of future emergencies.


1. How do I force my HP laptop to start up?

You can follow these 3 steps to force your HP laptop to start up.

Step 1. Restart your computer, and press the F11 key immediately.

Step 2. Click Start. Long-press the shift key, click Power, and then restart while still holding the shift key.

Step 3. Hold the shift key until the computer restarts.

2. Why is my HP stuck on a black screen?

There are many reasons why your HP is stuck on a black screen. Some are listed below.

  • Battery issues.
  • CMOS battery malfunctioning.
  • A faulty OS.
  • Software update.
  • External hardware conflicts.
  • Virus attacks.
  • BIOS settings.
  • HP laptop screen issues.

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