You Have A Laptop with One C Drive for Storage How Should You Backup A File?

I have been using the C drive as a storage disk until the response of my laptop suddenly becomes slow. How stupid I was before. Now I want to rearrange my C drive to restore the computer to normal, but I think I need to back up the files stored in it first. Is there any simple way for me to do this?

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Rel· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

Don't worry, there are 3 methods that can help you back up your C drive or a file.

The first method is to use Windows built-in backup software - Backup and Restore.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings> Backup> Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7).

Step 2. On the pop-up window, hit the Create a system image.

Step 3.  Set a destination hard disk and hit Next.

Step 4. Confirm the C drive is chosen and hit Next> Start backup.

The second method uses OneDrive to back up the files on the C drive.

OneDrive is a cloud service provided by Microsoft that can help you store important documents and files. However, it lacks automatic functions, and you need to back up your file manually.

Here are the simple steps.

Step 1. Navigate to OneDrive app> Settings> Backup.

Step 2. Hit the Manage backup option and choose the folder you want to backup.

Step 3.  Now hit the Start backup button.

The last method is using the powerful backup software EaseUS Todo Backup.

It provides advanced backup functions and can create a comprehensive backup scheme for your system, single file, app data, and disk. According to your customized settings, EaseUS Todo Backup can automatically back up computer data according to the cycle you need to maintain data security.

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