Persona 3 Reload Save File Location & Config File Location on PC/Steam/Xbox

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Usually, the Persona 3 Reload game save file is located in:

Local C Drive >> Users >> [YOUR USERNAME] >> AppData >> Roaming >> Sega >> P3R >> Steam 

Persona 3 Reload, a role-playing video game released on February 1, 2024, is the 4th update of the Persona Series. Like its predecessors, it is a role-playing game full of thrilling adventures. The game is about a transfer student who enters the "Dark Hour" hidden between the day and night. The player fights worldly creatures, solves new mysteries, and rescues his friends in an enthralling journey.

persona 3 reload

Persona 3 Reload offers new characters, landscapes, digital music, and a storyline. The franchise has won the hearts of every gamer with its brilliant product. Whether you’re playing it on Steam or Xbox, you should know where to find the save file and Config location on your PC.

Here are the critical benefits of it:

  • It saves your game progress for resumption
  • It backs up your data against malware/virus
  • It is useful for troubleshooting
  • It facilitates customization and helps in modifying mods
  • It is helpful for live streaming and reaction videos

Therefore, many gamers want to find the game saves and create a backup of it with a reliable backup tool. If you are one of them, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup to back up your game saves.

Read below to learn how to locate Persona 3 Reload save file location & config file location. Stay Tuned.

💡How to Find Persona 3 Reload Save Location on PC/Steam/Xbox

There are multiple ways to find these files on Steam or Xbox. The choice depends upon your system type and personal preference.

💻Find Persona 3 Reload Save Location on PC/Steam

If you are using Steam to play Persona 3 Reload, you can use these two ways to access saved files; Direct Path and Windows Run method.

  • Direct Path Method 

The direct path works as follows:

C Drive >> Users >> [YOUR USERNAME] >> AppData >> Roaming >> Sega >> P3R >> Steam 

These are the detailed steps to access it

Step 1. Go to the start and visit "This PC."

Step 2. Click on C Drive and find the "Users" folder.

Step 3. Look for the username here.

Step 4. Select the "AppData" folder here. If it isn’t visible, enable the hidden files to it visible.

Step 5. Now open the "Roaming Directory." Locate the "Sega" folder in the directory.

Step 6. Find the "P3R" option followed up by the "Steam" folder. It will show all saved files.

  • Windows Run Method

For quick results, you can use the Windows Run option. It works as follows:

Step 1. Press Windows + R to run a dialog box.

Step 2. Copy and paste the following path:


Step 3. Press the "OK" option. Your saved files are here.

🔣Find Persona 3 Reload Save Location on Xbox

If you are playing the Persona 3 Reload on Xbox, here is your path for saved file location.

C Drive >> Users >> [YOUR USERNAME]>>APPDATA\Local\Packages\SEGAofAmericaInc. \SystemAppData\wgsdk\

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Open the C drive of your System.

Step 2. Select the "Users" folder. Then, locate your Username folder.

Step 3. Choose the "AppData" followed by the "Local" and the "Packages" folders.

Step 4. In the Packages folder, find the "SEGAofAmericalinc" folder.

Step 5. Then, locate the "SyetsmAppData" folder.

Step 6. Finally, open the "WGSDK" folder to view the saved files.

💡Where to Locate Persona 3 Reload Config File Location

Every pro gamer wants to adjust the game settings like the player's profile, strength, music, and game layout as per his preferences. The Config files allow room for customization and mod settings.

You can locate Persona 3 Reload config files with this method:

Step 1. Type "Windows +R" and press the Enter button.

Step 2. Copy and paste the following path

C:\Users\ (Your Username) \AppData\Local\p3r \Saved\Config

Step 3. Press the "OK" option. Your configuration files will be there.

Backup Persona 3 Reload Game Saves to Protect Game Data

Every serious gamer should back up his gaming data. It protects your save and config files against malware, viruses, or application breakdowns. The backup is critical for sharing your work with the gaming community, online live streams, and reaction videos. Therefore, we recommend to backup your Persona 3 Reload game save files with the EaseUS Todo Backup, a free backup and recovery utility.

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game data backup

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To Sum Up

Persona 3 Reload is a massively popular gaming franchise. People of all ages cherish the thrilling, exciting, and challenging gameplay offered by the makers. This blog presents how to find Persona 3 Reload save file location on PC/Steam/Xbox. 

It is critical for restoring game progress, saving the data, and making customized settings. To share and back up your data against viruses/malware, we recommend EaseUS Todo Backup, the best data storage solution available in 2024. Get the EaseUS Todo Backup and end all your data safety issues today.

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