How to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop without Novo Button [2024 Full Guide]

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Resetting a PC to factory settings not only helps users to solve most of the system and program troubleshooting problems but also restores a computer that had become slow to the performance state when it was purchased.

As a famous brand in this industry, Lenovo laptops already have extraordinary abilities. Still, some users will always encounter situations where they need to factory reset their Lenovo laptops. 

lenovo laptop without novo button

Unlike ordinary computers, Lenovo is equipped with a Novo button for some computer models, which can help users quickly perform a factory reset.

However, for the computer is not equipped with the Novo button, how to factory reset Lenovo laptop without Novo button? We will show you the detailed guides in this post!

Lenovo has released many new laptop series. You can get a new one for a better work life.
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What and Where is Lenovo Novo Button

The Novo button is a small button or small pinhole provided by Lenovo and functions as the Onekey recovery software.

You can usually easily find it next to the laptop power button.

novo button nears the power button

But on some models, the Novo button also appears on the left or right side of the laptop body and is accompanied by a curved arrow symbol.

novo button nears a curved arrow icon

When your laptop is not functioning normally due to system and hardware failure, the user can press the Novo button or just poke it with a pin to access the Novo button menu.

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What is the Novo button? Where to find it? And how does the Novo button work? All the answers are shown in this post.

Although the Novo button can be extremely useful in special situations, currently, it has not been popularized on all models of Lenovo laptops. 

If your Lenovo is not equipped with it, do not worry. You can follow the methods below to factory reset your Lenovo laptop.

Ways to Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop Without Novo Button 

Before starting the resetting progress, there are things you must have to do - back up your Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo has released many new laptop series. You can get a new one for a better work life.
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Things You Should Do Before Resetting PC

Resetting your computer will restore it to its factory state. In other words, all the data on your PC will be deleted, including your personal settings, downloaded programs, and all important files. 

Therefore, it is necessary to make a backup of your Lenovo laptop before resetting it. Although you can manually copy and paste the data you create copies, we recommend using a professional and high-performance tool - EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a third-party offline backup software that takes care of not only backups of any files and disks, but also restores system and personal data for users. With the advanced backup features it offers, you can set up multiple automatic backup schedules at the same time and use different backup modes to accomplish smarter backup tasks.

Here are the useful features of EaseUS Todo Backup Home:

  • Great performance with one-click backup and instant recovery
  • Offers multiple types of backup.
  • Provides 250GB of free cloud space to restore your backups.
  • Can clone a hard drive or system easily.

Now you can hit the button to free download EaseUS Todo Backup Home and back up your Lenovo laptop. 

After finishing the backup process, let's check out the 2 ways to factory reset your PC without a Novo button.

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With Windows Recovery Function

If your Lenovo laptop is working as it should, then you can use the easiest way to factory reset it - through the Recovery function that comes with Windows. The details of how to get this goal are as follows:

Step 1. Search Reset this PC in the Windows Search box and open the setting window.

choose reset this pc

Step 2. Under the Recovery options, click Reset PC.

click reset pc

Step 3. Then the Reset this PC window will pop up, choose options according to your needs.

choose the reset options accoring to your needs

Step 4. After you have made your choices, Windows will be reinstalled, and applications, personal settings, etc., will be removed to finalize the PC reset.

After resetting your laptop, you can now perform data recovery if you have previously backed up your Lenovo PC.

Entering BIOS

Suppose the PC is not running properly and you encounter situations such as a black screen with no cursor, computer crash, virus invasion, etc. In that case, you can reset your Lenovo computer via BIOS.

BIOS is the first program that runs along with your computer's startup and is designed to service your system and various programs, and can restore your computer to its factory state if something goes wrong with it to ensure that your computer still performs at its best.

Here are the exact steps to factory reset from BIOS on a Windows PC.

Step 1. Restart your Lenovo laptop. And quickly press the F2 or F2+Fn key repeatedly while the PC begins to turn on. 

press f2 or f2 and fn keys

The Lenovo laptop key to enter the BIOS is usually F2, so if your F2 key doesn't work, head to the Lenovo website and find the right key according to the device model.

Step 2. After successfully entering the BIOS, select the Load Setup Defaults option on the screen instructions and press Enter

choose load setup defaults

Depending on the computer model, there may be more than one expression of this option, so please identify it according to the actual display.

Step 3. Now, you can start the computer reset by selecting Yes.

Lenovo has released many new laptop series. You can get a new one for a better work life.
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Factory Reset Lenovo Laptop without Password and Novo Button

It doesn't matter if you do not have a password for your computer to log in to your Windows account and the computer itself is not equipped with a Novo button. In addition to entering the BIOS, you can also enter Windows Recovery Environment to factory reset your Lenovo laptop without a password and Novo button.

The detailed tutorial is shown below:

Step 1. Restart the Lenovo laptop. When your PC begins to turn on, long-press the Shift key while choosing Power> Restart.

Step 2. When the blue Troubleshoot window pop-up, navigate to Advanced options> Reset this PC.

navigate to reset this pc

Step 3. Then your laptop is ready to reset. Choose the options you prefer and hit Reset> Continue.

choose options and hit reset and continue

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This post shows you how to factory reset Lenovo laptop without Novo button in 3 ways. If your PC can run normally, you can use the Windows built-in function to reset your PC from Settings> Recovery. If your PC meets something wrong, then you can try to factory reset the Lenovo laptop from BIOS. If you have no PC password and no Novo button, then using the Windows RE to enter the reset process will be a great idea.

However, in any case, please make a backup of your computer before resetting it to prevent important data from being irrecoverable. In this regard, EaseUS Todo Backup will come in handy. 


1. How do I wipe my Lenovo laptop and delete everything?

You can reset your Lenovo laptop to wipe it and delete everything. The reset process will delete all your data, including user information, personal settings, files you have saved, applications you have downloaded, etc. After the reset is complete, your computer will be restored to its factory state, just as it was when you purchased it.

2. How to factory reset Lenovo with the Novo button?

You can factory reset Lenovo with the Novo button by following the simple steps below.

Step 1. Turn off your Lenovo laptop, and press the Novo button.

Step 2. Then the system will power on, and the Novo button menu will pop up.

Step 3. Click the System Recovery option and press the Enter key.

Step 4. Now the One Key Recovery window will appear, and you can follow the notes to finish the reset process.

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