How to Backup Data in BlueStacks 5?

Hi, I want to back up data in BlueStacks 5 to an external HDD, what can I do? Where can I find the file location? Any advice will be great for me! And my BlueStacks is the 5.8 version.

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Rel· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Because your software is currently an old version, you cannot use the backup functionality provided by the new version of BlueStacks. You can only find the file location of BlueStacks 5 on your own.

The file location for BlueStacks 5 is C: ProgramData> BlueStacks_nxt.

The folder is likely hidden if you cannot find the ProgramData file in the C drive. You need to find the folder by clicking View>Show>Hidden items.

Once you have found the file location for BlueStacks 5, you can start backing up BlueStacks 5 data. Of course, you can take the form of manual backup, copying and pasting the data of BlueStacks 5 to another location. Still, I would prefer you to use the trusted third-party backup tool EaseUS Todo Backup Home as an assistant to backup BlueStacks 5 for you in the most long-term.

Because the BlueStacks 5 file you backed up is from version 5.8, if you want to restore data, you can only choose to restore the copy to the same version of BlueStacks 5 as the backup version. This means that if you are backing up this version of BlueStacks 5, you should continue to use this version of the software.

The data for BlueStacks 5 will continue to increase as you continue to use it. This can be very annoying if you need to manually back up BlueStacks 5 data frequently. The backup software developed by EaseUS can solve this problem for you very well. 

It supports the creation of an automatic backup plan. You only need to set the BlueStacks 5 file location as the backup object. After each BlueStacks 5 data change, EaseUS will back up the latest data file for you.

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