Does Installing Windows 11 Delete Everything?

I get Windows 10 installed on my computer for 7 years and want to install Windows 11. But I worry I will lose everything if I install Windows 11 from 10. Does installing Windows 11 delete everything? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Jerry· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

Does installing Windows 11 delete everything? The answer can be Yes or No.

You can upgrade the Windows installation and leave everything else alone while installing Windows 11 from within Windows 10. This will not delete anything on your computer.

If your current Windows version is too old, you can only choose the clean installation method, which will completely remove everything if you run the Windows 11 installer by booting from a USB drive or DVD.

When you clean install Windows 11, the hard disk will typically be formatted when Windows 11 is installed, thus erasing any data on the drive. All previously installed programs, files, and folders are included in this. Therefore, before upgrading to Windows 11, it's crucial to back up any essential files and documents.

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If you upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10, it will not delete anything, and if you clean install Windows 11, it will remove everything on your hard drive. No matter which method you use, it is highly recommendable to back up your data before installing Windows 11 in case something goes wrong.

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