Windows 10 Backup to 2 External Hard Drives

I'd like to back up Windows 10 to two external hard drives so that I can have other copies if one of the hard drives fails. However, no matter what tool I use, I can only get a backup that can run. Is there any solution to solve this problem?

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Rel· Answered on Mar 07, 2023

There are 4 ways that can help you to keep Windows 10 backup to 2 external hard drives.

Method 1. Change the Backup Location Manually.

If you create the Windows 10 backup with File History, you can connect the second external hard drive to your PC, and change the File History destination. Then it will back up Windows 10 to the new drive. When the backup ends, do not forget to back it up to the old path.

Method 2. Create A New Account.

Windows supports you to create multiple accounts. You can use this function to set up File History and back up Windows 10 to 2 external hard drives by logging in to different accounts.

Method 3. Use Task Scheduler to Create Multiple Backups

You can use the Task Scheduler provided by Windows to achieve your goal. You can open the Task Scheduler by searching on Windows 10 search box and then create any number of backup tasks. And use the "wbadmin" command to run the image backup function.

Method 4. Use EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a backup and restore tool with excellent performance in the backup field. 

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It supports system backup, file backup, and disk backup, and can create multiple backup plans according to user needs. You can customize the most suitable backup scheme according to your preferred backup frequency and backup mode. EaseUS Todo Backup supports both local backup and cloud backup. You can save copies of your data on multiple drives, cloud, or external platforms.

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