Does the Windows Backup Include Apps and Settings?🔥

Hello, when I restore from a backup I created, will all my apps and Windows settings be there? Does a Windows backup include apps and settings? Thanks in advance!

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Yes, a Windows backup can include your apps and settings. A new Windows Backup app was introduced in the Windows 10 KB5029331 update and Windows 11 new version, which can help you back up your applications and settings.

You can utilize the Start menu to access the Windows Backup feature. When you launch, it will back up your folders, applications, settings, and login information. That's not too difficult. Windows will copy these files to the cloud if sufficient OneDrive storage is available.

But the Windows Backup app is not as perfect as you expect. You cannot expect it too much.

The primary restriction is that customized hands cannot be placed in the backed-up folder. It indicates whether you can pick the full folder or not. You cannot back up individual files from the folder using this software. Furthermore, you cannot restore a select few files or directories. Only the full folder can be restored, which might not be required.

Not to mention, it is limited to personal Microsoft accounts. Put another way, you will not be able to use Windows backup application features on your work or school accounts.

Therefore, it would be best to use professional backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup. Such a tool can help you omit the limitations of Windows built-in backup tools.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a versatile and practical backup and restore tool for Windows. It can help you back up almost everything on your computer. For example, it can help you back up your file, disk, computer app, etc., and create a system image on a USB drive.

In addition, it can help you restore a Windows 10 backup to another computer easily and quickly. You can also use it to create full, incremental, and differential backups. Most importantly, it lets you enjoy 250G cloud storage for free.

Windows has a backup tool called Windows Backup that can help you back up your apps and settings. However, it would be best to use professional backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup.

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