How to Backup a Homemade Server in RLCraft?

As the title says, I want to back up the RLCraft homemade server. I know I can use the automatic world backup mods, but I am not sure they will not influence the game process. Could you please show me some good backup methods you often use?

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Rel· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Hello! My suggestion is not to use the automatic world backup mods to back up your server. Because your server is homemade, it is likely that these mod files will cause your server to crash and become unrecoverable as the game version is updated or some data changes occur. If an irreversible data disaster occurs, it must be unacceptable to you.

The method of backing up the homemade server is actually very simple. You need to find the "world" folder, which contains all the game data you want to back up. You can use the manual backup method to copy this folder and paste it where you want to save it with the built-in features of your computer.

However, once you decide to use manual backup methods, you need to frequently perform backup operations to ensure the security of your save.

I know this may be a significant burden for most players, so I recommend using reliable automated backup software to help you solve this problem. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is my daily backup assistant with powerful automatic backup functions. 

All you must do is set the "world" file as the backup target and set a backup plan according to the time you play the game daily. It can update the data copy to the latest status after ending the game process. 

Most importantly, you can store all your backups in the free cloud space it provides, which not only reduces the burden on your computer but also makes it simpler for you to transfer your server data at any time.

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