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How to Run/Boot Windows 10 from USB Flash Drive

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 by Abby Haines to Todo Backup Resource

Seeking ways to run or boot Windows 10 from USB flash drive? This page shows you how to install Windows 10 to USB drive with a step-by-step guide. Try it to create a bootable USB flash drive and use it to run Windows 10 on a PC whenever you want.

Notable Benefits of Running or Booting Windows 10 from USB

Searching online, we can see that there are always some users ask for help on how to run Windows 10 from USB as they can get so many notable benefits from the operation, for example: 

  • Getting their PC boot properly from the bootable USB flash drive even if Windows cannot be accessed from internal hard drive due to certain reasons. 
  • Install large programs on the USB flash drive so that they can to save internal disk space or use these programs on any other computers.  

Are you one of such users who are seeking ways to boot Windows 10 from USB flash drive? If yes, read on this page, you will find a step-by-step guide teaching you how to get the job done using Windows 10 USB bootable software.

Windows to Go Vs EaseUS USB Bootable Software
What Tool Will You Try to Install Windows 10 to USB Drive?

Usually, to run Windows 10 from USB, you should first get the system installed on the flash drive. There are two tools are available to manage the job, one is Windows Media Creation Tool offered by Microsoft which is called Windows to Go and another is EaseUS backup software, a third-party Windows 10 USB bootable software. Then which is the best one?

Actually, here we prefer the latter one. Compared with Windows to Go, first, EaseUS backup software is much easier to operate, second, it can create a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive contains not only the operating system but also some installed application or even some personal data which guarantees that you can directly work with a computer without doing extra jobs after running Windows 10 from the USB. 

2-step Guide to Run or Boot Windows 10 from USB Flash Drive

Step 1. Insert a USB drive into a working computer, launch EaseUS USB bootable software and click System Clone.

Install windows 10 to USB drive - click system clone option

Step 2. Choose the USB drive as the destination disk to clone system disk (Please make sure that your USB drive is bigger than the source disk). Open Advanced options menu and then click Create Portable Windows USB drive option. Finally, click Next to continue. Then, wait until the Windows bootable USB is successfully made, it might take a while. 

Install windows 10 to USB drive - choose destination disk

After creating the bootable USB flash drive, you can use it to run Windows 10 on a PC whenever you want. But remember that you should first set the flash drive as the first boot device in BIOS.