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How to Backup SD Card to Google Photos

Updated on Aug 11, 2019 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

Are you trying to upload the pictures, videos or documents on your micro SD card to Google Photos app on your Android? Here is a comprehensive tutorial for SD card to Google Photo transfer without a hitch. Besides, you may be interested in how to backup a micro SD card to Google Drive on a computer to keep original photos with high resolution.

Being a popular cloud storage app for Android, Google Photos owns a large number of users of countless Android brands. You can download this app on the Google Play for free, with the grant of backing up unlimited photos and videos for free, up to 16MP and 1080p HD.

This page will focus on the technique of how to upload the pictures and videos from an external SD card/micro SD card/TF card to Google photos on your Android phone/table without requiring a laptop or PC. Besides, you should understand that Google Photos is not an ideal backup location if you wish to keep the copy without affecting the picture effects. Instead, you should consider using EaseUS Todo Backup free backup software to back up any type of memory cards to Google Drive on your computer.

How to Back Up SD Card to Google Photos on Android

Step 1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
Step 2. At the top left, touch the menu icon with three horizontal lines.
Step 3. Select Settings > Back up & sync.
Step 4. Tap "Choose folders to back up..." and select the SD card folders you want to back up.

How to Back Up SD Card to Google Drive on Windows

Google Drive comes to the best alternative backup location when it comes to backup your micro SD card to the cloud with the following demands.

  • You're a professional photographer who takes photos so frequently but doesn't want your masterpieces to be compressed while uploading to the Google Photos.
  • The SD card is for your digital camera and you don't use an Android phone/tablet.
  • You got tons of RAW images on the SD card which Google Photos doesn't support for Raw images transfer.

And, you should rely on the Google Drive backup software, which allows you to backup your SD card to the Google Drive on your computer. Just put your card in a card reader if necessary and connect it to your computer.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS cloud backup software and choose the "File Backup" option.

choose file backup to backup files to cloud

Step 2. Choose the target files you want to backup by either "User Defined" mode or "File Type" mode.

"User Defined" allows you to choose files according to their file directory, while "File Type" is much simpler if you only backup files with specific file formats of pictures, documents, videos and so on.

choose files you want to backup to cloud

Step 3. In order to backup files to the Cloud storage, click the "Browse" button in the "Destination" area. The new mini window pops out. Click "Cloud Device" and click "+ Add Cloud storage service".

add a cloud device

Step 4. EaseUS Todo Backup supports three popular Cloud services at present, which are Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive. Choose your own cloud drive that attached to your computer. Allow EaseUS Todo Backup to view and manage the files in your GoogleDrive.

choose a cloud service and let easeus todo backup to connect

Step 5. Click "Proceed" to start backing up files to your Cloud drive at once.