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Clone Windows 10 OS to New SSD without Reinstallation

Updated on Jul 20, 2018 by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Wanna change your Windows system disk without reinstalling OS again? Easy way to free clone Windows 10 OS to new SSD without reinstallation is available here to help you change system disk and optimize computer performance without moving any partition data now.

Help: I want to clone Windows 10 system to a new SSD, how to do it?

"Hi guys, do you know how to clone Windows 10 system to a new SSD? I bought a new SSD last Monday and I'm trying to change my system disk to a new disk so that I can have a faster Windows system with optimized computer performance. But I don't know how.
Can I just move my Windows system into the new disk with system and boot partitions? I don't want to move other partitions and data into the new SSD. If you do know how to realize this goal, please let me know. Thank you

Are you trying to optimize your Windows system and change system disk by cloning system without re-installation? Do you need to upgrade system disk to a new disk without moving any other partitions with data? Here in the below, we'll provide you an easy and effective method to help you clone Windows 10 OS to new SSD without re-installation.

How to clone Windows 10 OS to new SSD? EaseUS Todo Backup can help!

Professional backup and recovery software - EaseUS Todo Backup supports users to free clone Windows 10 or other Windows systems into new disk such as SSD without re-installation within 30 days.

All you need is a brand new empty SSD or HDD or enough unallocated space in the destination disk to load all system and boot partition data.

1. If you have partition and data in the destination disk, please delete the partition to leave enough unallocated space for loading and saving all system and boot partition data. (Unallocated space shall be bigger than the total space of system and boot partitions.)
2. If you have already left enough unallocated space in your PC, do remember to move it in the front of all other partitions so to allow computer clone system with boot data there and ensure computer can be boot smoothly from the new disk.

So now you can free download this software and follow the offered tutorial guide below to free clone wanted Windows system such as Windows 10/8/7 etc OS to new SSD/HDD without re-installation now.

Upgrade/Clone Windows 10 OS to SSD with EaseUS Todo Backup

Besides cloning Windows system, disk, and partitions, EaseUS Todo Backup also supports you to back up disk partition, system, file, mail, ExchangeDB, ExchangeMail, SQL backup, create an Emergency disk, P2V copy/recovery etc with ease. It's all free to execute these tasks within 30 days.

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Clone.
2. Click System clone and the program will automatically clone system and boot partitions for you to new disk > Select destination disk (new SSD).

Clone Windows 10 OS to new SSD.

You may also tab Settings to tick Sector by sector clone and Optimize for SSD to clone all system files and data to new SSD disk.

Clone Windows 10 system to new SSD without re-installation.

3. Click Proceed to execute all changes.
The whole system with files will be closed to new SSD without re-installation.

Windows 10 OS clone to new SSD without reinstalling.

Tip: After all system clone process, do remember to insert new SSD to your computer, reboot the PC and press F2 to enter BIOS settings and you need to change the boot order from previous hard drive disk to new SSD.

Now you can reboot the computer from new SSD drive without re-installing any programs or system. You'll get improved computer performance with a faster running speed in Windows 10 on SSD now.