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Best Windows Schedule Backup Software for Automatic Backup

Brithny updated on Jan 22, 2021 to Backup Utility | How-to Articles

  • You don't have time to back up the data now, set a schedule to back up later.
  • Your computer holds important data, set a schedule to back up your computer regularly.
  • Many major changes are made to your system such as an operating system upgrade.

Why Do You Need Schedule Backup

Schedule backup brings you convenience, setting a schedule backup plan allows you to backup your computer data, hard drive partition files automatically in Windows 10/8/7 and even Windows Server machines. 

Someone may think about using File History for creating a scheduled backup on your PC, right? Absolutely NOT! A time-saving and efficient way of undertaking an automatic backup task for your files is to apply powerful backup schedule backup software for help!

And here is a comparison of File History .vs Backup Software for you to refer to and understand why a powerful backup software with a schedule backup feature is your best choice.

Recommended Schedule Backup Software

To automatically backup personal files, essential data and even some encrypted files on your computer give you a second chance to restore your data immediately once your data are gone or the computer dies.

So how to create a scheduled backup? 2021 Best Windows schedule backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup is an ideal tool for you to try.

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Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Overview Backup Option Schedule Option
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
  • Supported Backup Modes: File Backup, Disk Partition Backup, System Backup
  • Fees: 30-Day Free Trial
  • Backup at System startup
  • Backup at System shutdown
  • Backup when User log on
  • Backup when User log off
  • Backup when USB device plugged in
  • Schedule Type: One-Tine Backup
  • Schedule Type: Daily
  • Schedule Type: Weekly
  • Schedule Type: Monthly
  • Schedule Type: Upon event

PLUS: If you are a Server User and you want to download Windows Server schedule backup software for help, please refer to:

How to Perform Scheduled Backup Tasks with EaseUS Todo Backup

1. Launch EaseUS backup program and click to select the backup modes - File Backup/Disk Partition Backup/System Backup.

2. Choose to create a scheduled backup plan for your files, hard drive partition data or even the System itself.

3. Click "Schedule: Off" to start setting your automatic backup task now.

No matter you do a file backup schedule or disk/partition backup schedule, follow the examples below after data selection.

Example: How to automatic backup files to USB with EaseUS Todo Backup

Here we'll take automatically backup files to USB as an example to show you with more details about how to use this schedule backup software:


  • Connect your USB to your computer
  • Download EaseUS Todo Backup

Step 1. Launch EaseUS backup software and choose "File" on the window to make USB auto copy files when plugged in.

click file backup

Step 2. Decide a backup image location to save your files. Be aware of the "Schedule" part, and go to start a scheduled backup plan by setting "Upon event".

choose a location to save data

Upon event

The backup is to be automatically executed in the event of:

  • System startup - Backup runs automatically when the system starts up.
  • System shutdown - Backup runs automatically when the system is shut down.
  • User logon - Backup runs automatically when Windows logs in.
  • User logoff - Backup runs automatically when Windows logs off.
  • USB device plugged in - Backup runs automatically when the USB device is plugged in provided that it is set to be the destination.

Step 3. Choose start at "USB device plugged in..." and click "Save". Note the warning message, the automatic backup or copying will only happen to the exact device on which you created the task.

set a schedual to start to back up to usb automatically.

Step 4. After saving all changes, re-plug or reconnect your USB drive. Then when your computer recognizes the USB drive, the automatic copying and backup process starts.

Note: every new automatic backup plan requires the backup image saved at the last time, or else the backup software won't work as planned even it detects the same USB device.

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