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Clone and Migrate Dual Boot OS Drive to HDD/SSD

Posted on Aug 04, 2017 by Tracy King to Todo Backup Resource

Are you trying to replace old dual boot drive with a new and bigger HDD? Want to transfer dual boot OS to SSD so to speed up the Windows performance? This article will provide the best Windows backup and recovery software from EaseUS to help you effectively upgrade dual boot drive with OS such as Windows 7/10, Windows 8/10 or Windows XP/7 to HDD/SSD with simple clicks.

Is it possible to clone and upgrade dual boot OS to HDD/SSD? How?

Due to heavy load and increasing files in system and boot partition, some users are now facing such a problem that their computers are running slower with a small system disk and low disk space. In order to get a faster dual boot system, dual boot users are now trying to find a way to clone and upgrade dual boot OS to new HDD or SSD. 

Here is the question: is it possible for us ordinary users to clone and upgrade dual boot OS drive to HDD/SSD? Sure! To clone and migrate dual boot systems into new disk is no longer a special skill for advanced Windows users and administrators anymore. Ordinary users just like you and me can also do the job. How?

Let best system backup and transfer software help!

If you are trying to manually move the current system and disk data to your new HDD or SSD by simply Copy & Paste, you may just stop right now. You can never copy any system files or installation files to a new drive.

So how to make the job done? Best Windows system backup and recovery software - EaseUS Todo Backup Home will effectively help you do the job.

It's System Backup and Disk Clone features will effectively help you simply clone and transfer dual boot systems from your current drive to new HDD or SSD. You may just free download it and install on your PC with below guide tips to start upgrading the dual boot drive to new HDD/SSD now.

Clone dual boot OS Drive to HDD/SSD

To migrate dual boot OS to new hard drive or SSD, EaseUS Todo Backup Home provides two features to allow you effectively migrate or upgrade dual boot systems to new disk:

Transfer dual boot OS with System Clone:
System Clone feature allows you to clone and transfer present dual system to target HDD/SSD with simple clicks as below listed steps:

Step 1. Connect new HDD/SSD to PC first and reboot PC;
Step 2. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click System Clone;

Clone dual boot system to new drive.

Step 3. EaseUS system clone will automatically select your present system and all you need is to select target disk - destination drive (new HDD/SSD) to clone system to;
Do remember to click Advanced options and select Sector by sector clone to clone all system files to target disk;
If your new disk is SSD, Optimize for SSD shall also be checked.

Transfer dual system to new disk.

Ste4. After this, click Next > Click Proceed to complete the process.
After this, you may disconnect the old disk and select system to boot from new disk so that you can directly restart dual boot system from new HDD or SSD.

Clone dual boot OS disk/drive with Disk Clone:

Don't worry if you concern whether the program will clone both system with hard drive data together to target new HDD or SSD. All data including Operating System will all be transferred into new disk by Disk Clone feature. Here is how to clone dual boot drive with OS to HDD/SSD:

Step 1. Connect the HDD and SSD to PC, launch EaseUS cloning software;
Then go to "Clone" feature, select the system HDD as the source disk and then click "Next".

Guide to clone dual boot drive to new disk.

Step 2. Select new HDD/SSD as the destination disk and then click "Next".
Here, you can click Advanced options and check "Sector by sector clone" option so to clone all sectors from the source HDD to the destination HDD/SSD;
Do remember to tick Optimize for SSD so to improve system performance in new SSD.

Clone dual boot drive to HDD/SSD.

Step 3.Preview the disk layout and then click "Proceed" to clone dual boot hard drive to new HDD/SSD. 

After this, disconnect old disk and reboot PC from new disk so that you'll run dual boot systems on your new HDD/SSD.

Important tips for clone dual boot OS to HDD/SSD

If you are thinking that's all for cloning dual boot OS to new HDD or SSD, you are wrong. Here are some important tips that you shall absolutely need while transferring dual boot OS to new disk:

Note: After you cloning and migrate dual boot system to new hard disk or SSD, do remember to enter BIOS and set system to boot from new HDD/SSD which contains your dual systems. 
Otherwise, you won't be able to boot Windows and startup Windows PC successfully.

Clone Windows 7/10 or Windows 7/8 to HDD/SSD:

If you are currently running on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 is installed on your system disk, your best choice for cloning dual system to new drive is to use Disk Clone feature with EaseUS Todo Backup;

If you are now running on Windows 8 or Windows 10, you may use System Clone feature with the help of EaseUS Windows backup software to complete the job.

Clone Windows 8/10 or Windows 8.1/10 to HDD/SSD:
Since those two systems all use system and boot partition for loading and startup system in Windows PC, you can directly apply EaseUS Todo Backup with System Clone to transfer dual system to new drive.

Clone XP/Windows 7 to HDD/SSD:

If your PC are running on XP, you can use Disk Clone feature to migrate two systems from old disk to new HDD or SSD;

If Windows 7 is what you are using now on PC, you can directly use System Clone feature to complete dual boot drive upgrade and replace job by then.