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Backup Hard Drives and Partitions with PC Backup Software

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 by Hana Lee to Todo Backup Guide

How to quickly backup computers, hard drives to protect our data and system. EaseUS Todo Backup, the best backup software, can help users to backup partitions/disk and recover data from images.

Why do we backup hard drives and our computers?

Many people never think of backing up a hard drive, their computers until they lose personal files and important data. Compared with recovering data after losing, regular computer backup would be a better way. Besides protecting our data, backing up the entire hard drive can quickly recover our system from system crash, disk boot failure, it will keep our system in safe state.
EaseUS Todo Backup, one of top 5 PC backup software, can back up a hard drive or single partition to image. When we need to restore data, just couple clicks, we could recover files, the previous system from images.

How to backup hard drives and partitons to an image?

Step 1. Run the EaseUS Todo Backup. Click " NEW TASK" to create a disk/partition backup.

select disk/partition

Step 2. Select the disk or partition that you want to backup under Disk/Volume.

select disk/partition

Step 3. This program will automatically choose the most suitable place to store the backup image. And of course, you can choose another location for backup images.

select disk/partition

Step 4. Click Proceed to perform disk and partition backup.