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Download Best Free SSD to SSD Cloning Software

Updated on Apr 02, 2019 by Brithny to Backup Utility

Here download the best free SSD to SSD cloning software - EaseUS Todo Backup Free, the simplest and safest way to clone one SSD to another. All the popular SSD brands are highly suggested to apply EaseUS SSD cloning software.

What Does SSD to SSD Cloning Software Do

Are you planning to migrate or install Windows SSD? I guess that a majority of friends had chosen a small capacity of solid state drive, or a less popular brand at the first attempt, as the cost grows with the size of the storage. However, after some use, they had to give up the small size SSD, thinking to purchase a larger one. At this moment, some professional but free SSD to SSD cloning software comes in handy, for the purpose of moving everything from the old SSD to the new one.

Metaphorically, just imagine you're moving a house, you can either search through the house and pick up furniture, appliances, closet, cookers on your own and ended up with exhaustion, or ask an all-around home moving service providing with fully featured tools to help, and you just sit down, relax, watch them do the job while having a cup of your favorite coffee. So SSD to SSD cloning software plays a role of home moving service, it takes in charge of everything that you wish to move from an old SSD to a new one.

Overview of Best SSD to SSD Cloning Software - EaseUS Todo Backup

With the help of a powerful SSD cloning program, you'll be no longer afraid of not being able to move Windows system, data, files by copying and paste, because Windows won't allow you to do that. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is chosen as the best free SSD clone software beyond competitors like Clonezilla, Acronis, Macrium Reflect due to that:

  • Free of charge.
  • light and handy software design; enable customers to start with the first glimpse with clear function buttons.
  • Flexibility in choosing an entire SSD cloning or single partition cloning, without the need to reinstall your Windows operating system and applications.
  • Three straightforward disk clone modes - System clone (clone OS to SSD), partition clone (clone specific partitions to SSD) and disk clone (clone entire disk HDD/SSD to SSD).

More noticeable features visit EaseUS Todo Backup feature page. You can download the best SSD clone software for free here and apply it to clone SSD to SSD on your own now:

Tutorial: Clone SSD to SSD with EaseUS SSD Cloning Software

Free download EaseUS disk cloning software and install it on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista computer, make sure both of the SSDs have correctly connected to the computer. All the popular brands of solid state drives (Seagate, Samsung, Sandisk, Kinston, etc.)can apply the software to perform the cloning procedure in the below part. Also, you can directly learn from the video tutorial.

Getting Ready:

  • Connect both of the SSDs to your computer
  • Download EaseUS Todo Backup

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and choose "Clone" feature.

click clone feature

2. Select the source SSD you want to clone and click Next.

select one of your ssd as the source disk

3. Select the destination SSD and click Next. Click on Advanced options > Tick "Optimize for SSD" to optimize SSD's performance.

choose the other SSD as the destination

4. Preview the disk layout to confirm the settings of the source and destination disk.

preview the disk layout

5. Click Proceed to execute disk clone.